Advanced Ores

Jan 23, 2017
Advanced Ores
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    Plugin Page:

    Built to run on 1.7-1.11

    Alias: /ao
    /advancedores help (h) - ...Help?
    /advancedores reload (r) - Reload
    /advancedores debug (d) - Initiates Debug Mode (if there are issues, this makes it very easy to spot)

    • ao.* = All Ore Rewards + Staff + Commands
    • ao.staff.* = All Staff stuff
    ao.staff.update = Able to check for updates
    ao.staff.reload = /ao reload
    ao.staff.debug = /ao debug = /ao
    • ao.player.* = All Ore Rewards (Ignoring the custom permissions set for each)
    Why is there a Premium? What is the difference between the free and premium Advanced Ores?
    I have a premium, to support my Network that runs on a combination of player donations and money earned from these. The difference is slim now (but it used to be greatly different): Free is now a development version, which is also on Github, of the premium resource and the free/github version will not have a fully released version but always be test-worthy, yet it should be fairly stable. Premium also will provide as much support as you need, and possibly a custom feature if you ask nicely. ;) Plus, as I said, premium helps support my server, and with that money I pay hosts and buy plugins which helps more of the Minecraft community.

    I have a suggestion, found a bug, or have a question. Where do I go?
    Github ;)

    Because this is a Skript, does it mean it will not work very well? Maybe cause lag or issues?
    To your surprise, it does not! It takes very few resources, and I work hard to make sure that the code I put in is efficient and acceptable for use by everyone.
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