Jun 20, 2019
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    AdvancedReporter Wiki.
    Click here to go to the plugin's page.

    (All this commands can be performed also by an op player)

    » /report <player> <reason> This will open a GUI, where the player can
    select the section and the sub section (if it exist)
    No permissions

    » /reportslist See the reports list
    Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.reportslist

    » /openedreports See the opened reports list (with a GUI)
    Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.openedreports

    » /managergui Open a gui to manage your report easily!
    Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.managereport

    » /myreports See your reports list
    No permissions

    » /managereport <id> Manage a report
    Permission: advancedreporter.managereport or advancedreporter.admin

    » /mymanagereport See the report that you are managing
    Permission: advancedreporter.mymanagereport or advancedreporter.admin

    » /reportlocation <id> Go to the reported location
    Permission: advancedreporter.reportlocation or advancedreporter.admin

    » /resolvereport <id> <reason> Resolve a report
    Permission: advancedreporter.resolvereport or advancedreporter.admin

    » /delreport <id> Delete a report
    Permission: advancedreporter.delreport or advancedreporter.admin

    » /reportedplayers See all reported players in a GUI! (NEW)
    Permission: advancedreporter.reportedplayers or advancedreporter.admin
    Code (Text):
    #Here you can add up to 54 sections, this is the name
         #This is the display name, you can see it in the GUI item
        display-name: '&4&oOffensive Language'
         #Item's lore
        - '&7Report who is insulting'
        - '&cClick on the item to report'
        #The item in the GUI
        item: paper
        #If you enable it, in the string "sub-sections:" you can put the
        # sub sections, look at sections under
        sub-sections-enabled: false
        display-name: '&b&lBugs'
        item: redstone_comparator
        sub-sections-enabled: true
        #The list of sub sections
          #The name of sub sections
            #The item in the sub sections GUI
            item: diamond
            #The name of the item in the GUI
            display-name: '&2&lGive Bug'
            display-name: '&e&lMap Bug'
            item: map
        #This is the title of the sub sections GUI. If you use %section it will be
        # replace with section's name.
        sub-sections-title: '&2What type of %section ?'
        display-name: '&b&lStaffer Report'
        item: gold_helmet
        sub-sections-enabled: true
            item: diamond
            display-name: '&2&lGive'
            display-name: '&e&lStaffer Offensive Language'
            item: paper
        sub-sections-title: '&4Staffers cant see reports to him'
        display-name: '&1&lCheats'
        item: diamond_sword
        sub-sections-enabled: true
            item: barrier
            display-name: '&4&lKillaura'
            display-name: '&e&lUnknow'
            item: ender_pearl
            #SubSection lore
            - '&7If you don''t know what hacks'
            - '&7is he using'
        sub-sections-title: '&2What type of %section ?'

    #This is the main GUI's title.
    menu-name: '&4&lReporting &1%player'
    Code (Text):
    #Set to true if MySQL is enabled
    #For a complete MySQL setup please see the #documentation under
    mysqlEnabled: false
      host: localhost
      database: database
      user: user
      password: password
      port: 3306
    #Disable to make optional the reason
    need-reason: true
    Code (Text):

    #This is the reports list. It will be automatically edited. I suggest you to
    #don't edit it.
    #This is the report's ID
    #This is the player's name that created the report
        from-player: Nexgan
    #This is the reported player.
        reported-player: Sadaccinooscuro
    #This is the reason that the player put after /report <player> <reason>
        reason: using cheats
    #This is the section that the player selected.
        section: cheats
    #This is the sub-section that the player selected.
    #If in the section there aren't sub-sections it will be set to "undefined"
        sub-section: killaura
    #This is the report's location
          world: world
          x: -340.6947566661343
          y: 104.59013005836373
          z: 395.2038612943021
          yaw: -28.927185
          pitch: 37.246788
    #If the report was managed it is automatically set to "false"
        open: false
    #If the report is managing by a staffer and he's resolving it, it will be set to
    #true, when the report was resolved it will set to false again.
        resolving: false
    #This is the staffer that is managing/managed the report, if the report is
    #open the staffer manager is "none"
        staffer-manager: UnLoriSelvatico
    #This can be set by the staffer when it resolve the report.
    #/resolvereport <ID> <how-resolved>
        how-resolved: The cheater was banned
    Code (Text):

    #Here you can edit all the messages
    PREFIX: '&e&lAdvancedReporter >'
    NEED_PLAYER_NAME: '&cPlease, insert the player name. If you don''t know it, type "&f/report
      unknow <reason>&c".'
    NEED_REASON: '&cPlease, insert a reason after the player name.'
    UNKNOW_PLAYER_NAME: '&7%player &cdoesn''t exist or isn''t online.'
    SUCCESSFULLY_REPORTED: '&aYou successfully reported &7%player&a, your report is now
      in queque.'
    NO_PERMISSION: '&cYou don''t have permission to perform this command.'
    INSERT_REPORT_ID: '&cPlease, insert the report ID.'
    NO_VALID_NUMBER: '&cThis is not a valid ID.'
    ERR_REPORT_IS_TO_YOU: '&cYou can''t delete this report because the reported player
      are you. Please contact another staffer and do it clear to him.'
    ERR_REPORT_NOT_FOUND: '&cReport ID not found. Please make sure that you typed the
      ID correctly.'
    REPORT_DELETED_SUCCESSFULLY: '&aThe report was successfully deleted.'
    NO_REPORTS: '&cThere aren''t reports.'
    REPORTS_LIST_1: '&aReports List:'
    REPORTS_LIST_2: '&e- ID: &7%id &e| From &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e| Reason
      &7%reason &e|  Section: &7%section &e| SubSection: &7%subsection &e| Open: &7%open
      &e| "&f/reportlocation %id&e" to go to report location | Resolving: &7%resolving
      &e| Ticket Manager: &7%manager &e| How resolved: &7%howResolved &e|'
    OPENED_REPORTS_LIST_1: '&aOpened Reports List:'
    OPENED_REPORTS_LIST_2: '&e- ID: &7%id &e| From &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e|
      Reason &7%reason &e|  Section: &7%section &e| SubSection: &7%subsection &e| Open:
      &7%open &e| "&f/reportlocation %id&e" to go to report location |'
    ERR_REPORT_NO_OPEN: '&cThis Report isn''t open.'
    ERR_ALREADY_HAVE_MANAGE_REPORT: '&cYou already have a report to manage.'
    SUCCESSFULLY_SELECTED_MANAGE_REPORT: '&aYou successfully selected a report to manage.'
    ALREADY_HAVE_REPORT: '&cYou already have a report, please wait that the staffers resolve
    NOT_REPORTS_MANAGER: '&cYou are not the manager of this report.'
    REPORT_RESOLVED_SUCCESSFULLY: '&aThe Report was resolved successfully.'
    INSERT_HOW_RESOLVED: '&cPlease, insert how do you resolved the report.'
    REPORT_ALREADY_RESOLVED: '&cThis Report was already resolved.'
    NO_UNRESOLVED_MANAGE_REPORTS: '&cYou don''t have no resolved reports to manage.'
    ERR_CANT_TP_NO_MANAGER: '&cYou can''t teleport to this Reported Location because the
      Report isn''t resolved and you aren''t his manager.'
    SUCCESSFULLY_TP: '&aYou were successfully teleported to the Report Location.'
    STAFFER_JOIN_NOTIFICATION: '&6There are &a&l%n &6opened Reports.'
    STAFFERS_ONLINE: '&6There are &a&l%n &6staffers online ready to resolve your Report'
    MYREPORTS_TITLE: '&aYour Reports List.'
    NO_YOUR_REPORTS: '&cYou don''t have reports.'
    STAFFER_IS_MANAGING_YOUR_REPORT: '&a&l%staffer is managing now your report.'
    STAFFER_RESOLVED_YOUR_REPORT: '&a&l%staffer resolved your report. Type "&f/myreports&a&l"
      for more information.'
    NEW_REPORT: '&6&lThere is a new Report.'
    ERR_CANT_REPORT_YOURSELF: '&cYou can''t report yourself.'
    REPORTS_GUI_ITEM_NAME: '%reporter -> %reported'
    #Use '|' for a break
    REPORT_DESCRIPTION_LORE: '&e- ID: &7%id |&eFrom &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e|&eReason:
      &7%reason &e|&eSection: &7%section &e|&eSubSection: &7%subsection &e|&eOpen: &7%open
      &e |&eResolving: &7%resolving &e|&eTicket Manager: &7%manager &e|&eHow resolved: &7%howResolved'
    WARNING_LEVEL_INCREASE: §7%player§4§l's warning level increased to %warninglevel
    WARNING_LEVEL_DECREASE: §7%player§4§l's warning level decreased to %warninglevel
    ERR_LOADING_REPORTS_ON_MYSQL: Error while loading reports on MySQL Database. Are the MySQL credentials right?
    YOUR_WARNING_LEVEL_NULLED: '&aYou don''t have any warning levels.'
    ERR_MAX_PLAYERS_IN_GUI: '&cYou can open this GUI if reported players are 54 or less.'

    Code (Text):
      title: '&4Reports Manager'
        name: '&eReporter: %player &7[%status&7]'
        lore: '&e%player was reported: &c%n &etimes %warninglevel'
        name: '&eReported: %player &7[%status&7]'
        lore: '&e%player was reported: &c%n &etimes %warninglevel'
        item: paper
        name: '&eQuick Messages to %player'
        item: skull_item
        name: '&4Kill %player'
        item: barrier
        name: '&cKick %player'
        item: book_and_quill
        name: '&2Resolve Report'
        item: tnt
        name: '&4Delete Report'
        item: ender_pearl
        name: '&bReport Location'
        item: chest
        name: '&eSee Inventory'
      unknown-head-name: MHF_Question
    Code (Text):
    #All warning levels are here. You can create your own or edit/delete these
        display-name: '&aLow'
        increase-message: '&cYour warning level increased to &alow &4because you received
          one report or more.'
        decrease-message: '&eYour warning level decreased to &alow&e.'
         #How many reports does player need to increase his warning level to this
        reports-count: 1
        display-name: '&eMedium'
        increase-message: '&cWarning! &4Your warning level increased to &emedium &4because
          you received more than 4 reports.'
        decrease-message: '&eYour warning level decreased to &emedium.'
        reports-count: 4
        display-name: '&4High'
        increase-message: '&c&lWARNING! &4&lYour warning level increased to &4&l&nHIGH
          &4&lbecause you received more than 8 reports. You will be among the top players
          to be checked by the staff.'
        decrease-message: '&cYour warning level decreased to &4HIGH.'
        reports-count: 8
        display-name: '&4&l&nVery High'
        increase-message: '&c&l&nWARNING! &4&l&nYour warning level increased to VERY HIGH
          because you received more than 16 reports. You will be the first player to be
          checked by the staff.'
        decrease-message: none
        reports-count: 16
    #GUI options
      title: '&4Reported Players'
        #Item's title, you can (%player = the reported player name)
        name: '&e%player'
        #Item's description (%warninglevel = current warning level, %reported = how many times he was reported).
        - '&eWarning Level: %warninglevel'
        - '&eReported times: %reported'

    To setup MySQL:

    Code (Text):

    1. Go to config.yml
    2. Set "mysqlEnabled" to true
    3. Insert MySql credentials into "mysqlInfo" fields
    4. Save the file
    5. Reload the server! You have done!
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