Anti Advertisement 2.0 [WIKI]

Oct 6, 2016
Anti Advertisement 2.0 [WIKI]
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    The following tutorials and instructions will teach you how to use the basics of Anti-Advertisement 2.0, which can be found here. If you wish to modify the plugin, I would suggest learning Skript first. However, if you know Skript, and would like to modify the plugin, you are allowed to. Although, taking credit for this script is NOT permitted. Thanks.

    Coded by: mathhulk Uploaded by: BrettPlayMC​

    Blacklisting Domains:
    To add a domain, or any other word, to the advertisement blacklist, run the command /anti-adv add [word] and replace [word] with the word you wish to add to the blacklist. Although, blacklisting a word will not allow players to say just that word. However, I (mathhulk) am working on using regex to better rework this anti-advertisement process.

    Check a Player's Warning History:
    To check the warnings of a player, use the command /anti-adv check [player]. Also, remember to replace [player] with the player you wish to check the history of. After using the check command, a message will pop up showing the player's name, warnings, and UUID. Remember, all player's warnings are saved to their UUIDs, which means that the player will not lose them if they change names.

    Reset a Player's Warnings:
    To reset the advertisements warnings of a player, simply use the command /anti-adv reset [player] while replacing the [player] with the player you wish to reset. Resetting a player's warnings will set their warning amount to 0.

    Reset All Players' Warnings:
    To reset the warnings of all players, whether it be for a server revamp or any other event, use the command /anti-adv resetall. This will set all player's warning amounts to 0.

    To allow players to check the warnings of another player, give them the permission "anti-adv.check" using any permissions management plugin. To allow players to reset the warnings of another player, or reset all warnings, give them the permission "anti-adv.admin". To allow players to bypass the warning system give them the permission "anti-adv.bypass".
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