Anti Cheat List (Bukkit and Spigot)

Oct 4, 2019
Anti Cheat List (Bukkit and Spigot)
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    Welcome to the SpigotMC anti-cheat wiki page. Here, you will find a variety of well known, free and premium anti-cheats for the most common server versions. Please take a look at the "BEFORE READING" section before you look at or edit any of the wikis.

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    • The authors of this wiki (i.e. BrettPlayMC & mathhulk) are in no way directly affiliated with these anti-cheats in any way for promotional reasons.
    • Anti-cheats will not be removed for premium or free purposes.
    • Not every anti-cheat supports a specific version of Spigot, so please double check before downloading and installing.
    • Not all anti-cheats may be up-to-date or supported by their author. Please refer to the "[Old]" and "[Discontinued]" tags on the anti-cheat sub wikis.
    • All parts of this wiki and its sub-wikis are meant to be informative and non-biased towards any anti-cheat.
    • The editors of these wikis do not take credit for any of these anti-cheats.
    • Anti-cheats that do not comply with the SpigotMC rules are not allowed to be added to any of the sub-wikis, and any preexisting anti-cheats will be removed. Anti-cheat modifications to this wiki will be strictly monitored for any illegitimate content.
    • Do note that these anticheat wikis may contain "anticheats" that only have one or a few checks, as there is no "clear" definition for an anticheat.
    • Do not contact the authors of this wiki for any anti-cheat related support. Contact the anti-cheat's author instead.
    • Do not mass edit the wikis just to get edits.
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    The list of anti-cheats has been split up into eight sub-wikis, one for each of the major versions of Minecraft. Select a version below to view all popular anti-cheats that support that specific version. As a reminder, not every anti-cheat supports multiple versions.
    Minecraft 1.7.X - Minecraft 1.8.X - Minecraft 1.9.X - Minecraft 1.10.X - Minecraft 1.11.X - Minecraft 1.12.X - Minecraft 1.13.X - Minecraft 1.14.X - Minecraft 1.15.X (Coming soon)

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    If you have any suggestions, please contact us with your idea.
    As always, enjoy the wiki.

    Once a discontinued anti-cheat is removed, it cannot be added back unless the anti-cheat has been updated at least once.
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