[Tutorial] Setting up a new world for Arathi Basin

Aug 24, 2021
[Tutorial] Setting up a new world for Arathi Basin
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    How to setup a custom world for Domination

    (previously known as Arathi Basin)

    To begin, replace the existing world_domination world folder with your custom world that you wish to use (make sure to set the the worldName variable in the config.yml file to the name of your custom world.)

    The domination game consists of 7 structures that you will need to define:

    • 1 Red Spawn
    • 1 Blue Spawn
    • 5 Bases (neutral)
    First you will need to teleport into the domination world. Do this by running the command /domination tp (you will need the appropriate permissions to do this)

    In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of setting up a Spawn and a Base, so that creating the other Spawn/Bases will be self explanatory.

    Creating a Spawn
    Every structure that you will create in Arathi Basin will consist of modules.

    Each Spawn structure consists of 2 modules.
    Spawn Modules: SPAWN, SPAWN_GATE

    SPAWN_GATE is the list of blocks that will be broken down when the game starts and rebuilt when the game ends.
    SPAWN is the list of blocks that players will be teleported to when joining the game and when respawning.

    Now that we have the basics, we can begin by defining our first Spawn structure.(in this example we name it 'RedSpawn'):
    /structure define spawn RedSpawn


    Now remember those modules we mentioned earlier? We are going to populate each one of those modules with a set of blocks. We can start with the SPAWN_GATE module.
    /structure module SPAWN_GATE


    Great! That wasn't too bad now was it? Now we can simply equip a blaze rod in our hand and right click each of the blocks that we want to add to our SPAWN_GATE.

    Once finished with that, we simply select the next module we want to add blocks to.

    /structure module SPAWN


    (Note that in my example I am setting the SPAWN locations to one above the floor so that players do not spawn inside of the floor blocks)

    We must then define the color of the spawn structure we just created.

    /structure color red

    As well as the direction the structure is facing (so that when players spawn in they are not just facing a random wall)
    /structure direction
    (run this command when facing the direction you want players to spawn in)

    Finally, we just need to save it to a file!

    /structure save

    Great job! You have created your red team spawn! Now you can deselect your structure with /structure deselect so that you don't accidentally add or remove any locations from it.
    (You can also view your created structure with /structure list)

    Creating a Base

    Now that you're an expert in creating Spawn structures, creating a Base structure shouldn't be hard for you at all!

    Each Base structure consists of 5 modules.

    BASE_FLAG is the 1 location of the flag that sits on top of the glass floor. This is where the base scans for nearby players from.
    BASE_GLASS_FLOOR is the list of blocks underneath the flag. A 5x5 block area works best.
    BASE_SKY is the nice looking set of blocks above the beacon. This is just for looks.
    BASE_GLASS_BEACON is the location of the glass just above the beacon. This will change the color of the beacon when the base gets taken over.
    BASE_MAP is the two locations (one in each spawn) of the base on the map in the spawn. (This is optional and is used to teleport to owned bases from the spawn)

    Not too bad right? Lets define our first base structure.(in this example we name it 'Farm'):
    /structure define base Farm

    Now again we are going to select and populate each one of the base modules.

    (For the BASE_MAP module don't forget to add the base to both maps! Also, remember that the left side of the map in one base could be the right side of the map in the other base.)

    Now just specify the direction of the base (this is the direction players will face when they warp to the base by clicking the BASE_MAP)
    /structure direction

    Finally, we just need to save it to a file
    /structure save

    And that's all there is too it! Not so bad was it? To check if you set your base up correctly, you can type '/structure color pink' and the base should change color! (Just make sure to change the color back to WHITE before saving anything as these bases are meant to start as neutral)

    I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Please let me know if there is anything that was unclear or that could be improved upon. Have a great day!

    If you have any questions come check out the discord server here!

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