Jun 25, 2018
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    : Replace with a player name
    (....): Optional parameter
    ??? | ??? : Choose one of the two (example: (-s|-silent)

    Generic commands(top)

    /arcadeboard help(top)

    Shows a list of all commands in the plugin.

    /arcadeboard about(top)

    Shows the version information and registered user.

    /arcadeboard reload(top)

    Reloads the plugin

    /arcadeboard debug(top)

    Create a debug dump that is uploaded to ubuntu paste. You should always provide this debug dump when asking for support.

    Discouraged commands(top)

    These are commands that are in the plugin, but are discouraged to be used without the use of a GUI or automation (clickable signs,...).

    /arcadeboard play <game name>(top)

    Start a specific game. When the game requires a minimum amount of players, a lobby will created instead.

    Developer commands(top)

    The following commands are only available when developer mode is turned on. They are meant as tools when developing games

    /arcadeboard loadgame <file>(top)

    Loads a game from file path. When the game is already loaded, it will reload it.
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