Feb 20, 2019
  • ArcadeBoard Troubleshooting
    These are frequently asked questions in the form of a troubleshooting tree.

    Unexpected behavior(top)

    When starting a game, I get a message that a resource pack is required(top)

    Problem: The client either Declined the download of the resource pack or they disabled server resource packs.
    Solution: Log out, if the server is in the server list - select it and click EDIT. Make sure that server resource packs is not " disabled" but either says "prompt" or "enabled".
    Log in again. If the error persists, this most likely means that the method of uploading does not work.

    Graphical problem(top)

    Chinese characters shown(top)

    Problem: When starting a game the game shows chinese/japanese characters.
    Solution: The problem has to do with the resource packs. Either the client
    was unable to download the resource pack or it is corrupt. On startup there
    should be a link in your console to the merged resource pack. Try to see if this link works.
    If it doesn't it is a problem with your upload destination.
    If the zip file is downloaded correctly in your browser, make sure that the site you are using is accepted by non-browsers, cloudflare or other proxies may be rejecting the minecraft client from downloading your resource pack.
    You can also try to change a different URL.

    Lines get cut off(top)

    Problem: During gameplay, lines are being cut off
    Solution: If this is an official game, please report this to Maximvdw. If this is not an official game, report
    it to the author of that game.

    Incorrect tiles/icons(top)

    Problem: When playing a game the graphics are incorrect or mixed from another game.
    Solution: This usually means that the resource pack that is created automatically did not upload or create successfully. Please check your startup log for possible errors such as "Unable to write ...". If the error persists after a server restart (maybe even a full hardware reboot to assure that no users have the resource pack ZIP open) try manually deleting the ZIP file(s) in the "resource-pack" directory of ArcadeBoard. Another cause for this problem is that you updated a game with new textures, but the game author forgot to increment the resource pack version.

    Error or crash(top)

    Spigot or CraftBukkit(top)

    Packet initialize error(top)

    Problem: You get an error saying "unable to initialize packet ...."
    Solution: Make sure you are using a supported Minecraft server version. If yes, please report the error to Maximvdw


    Kick error(top)

    Problem: Players get kicked with a message saying "MVdWAB" ...
    Solution: Please report the error to Maximvdw through a PM or discussions. Include your BungeeCord log and log from the server the player got kicked from.

    Problem: Players get kicked with a message saying "MVdWAN"
    Solution: This is not an ArcadeBoard issue, please report the bug in AnimatedNames

    Problem: Players get kicked with a message saying "MVdWFB"
    Solution: This is not an ArcadeBoard issue, please report the bug in FeatherBoard

    Players get kicked with a message saying that a team/objective
    is already added. But it is not starting with "MVdW".
    Solution: This is a scoreboard conflict unrelated to my plugins
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