Feb 10, 2019
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    The plugin has two different licenses each with their own goal. If you want to use the plugin for a server you have to buy the server version. If you are a developer wishing to create games, you can use the developer version that is cheaper. However it is only meant for developers as it causes more debug spam, does not support older versions of Minecraft and has a lot more restrictions. It's only purpose is to allow you to test and benchmark games.

    You can also use the server version for developing, however it does not have the same amount of debug messages and developer tools. The API describes how you can create these tools yourself if you really want to use the server version (you don't have to buy both plugins).

    • ArcadeBoard server version
      • Full price
      • Contains API
      • Contains user friendly UI
      • Contains advanced settings
      • No game restriction
      • 1.13 support
      • Contains additional features/tweaks during gameplay
    • ArcadeBoard developer version [Coming soon]
      • Small price
      • Contains API
      • Does not contain user friendly UI
      • Only contains development settings
      • Only load one game at a time at runtime
      • Only 1.13 support
      • Development tools
        • FPS logging
        • Input logging
        • Resource pack generator
        • Dynamically unload/load games

    Developer API(top)

    • ArcadeBoard API:
      • Provides you with the full API to create games
      • Provides you with the required methods and events for external plugins to hook into
      • Open source
      • Implementation varies based on the two different licenses
    • ArcadeBoard Plugin API
      • Provides you with API methods for compatibility
      • Not open source
      • Only for the server version

    Support and updates(top)

    Support is provided in the discussions of the plugin or a thread in the "Spigot plugin help" forum if you tag me. Updates will be bundled unless drastic changes are required.

    • Type 1: Errors and plugin breakage
      If the plugin breaks or causes errors these updates will arrive in more frequent intervals
    • Type 2: Minecraft update
      When minecraft updates the plugin will need to be updated due to the amount of low level code.
      This can take about a month depending on the time period (May,June,July,August,December,January are not good months)
    • Type 3: API/Plugin features
      These updates are less frequent and bundled. They require thought and testing.
    • Type 4: Games
      Games are released through OTA updates or individual Spigot or MC-Market resources. They will in most cases get an update notification. They are not as frequent as other updates since they are "full blown" games.
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