Arena Creation

Jun 20, 2019
Arena Creation
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    How to create a new Arena

    First of all, every GameServer must have a waiting lobby spawn.
    You can simply do /setspawn wherever you think the player won't accidentally kill himself(Has to be in the normal world, not your arena world).

    Then, you have to get yourself into Builder mode by changing the plugin mode to BUILD. Next, teleport to wherever your arena is located by using /arena tp (worldName) [NOTE: Use the exact world name otherwise it will create a new world] The arena world CAN NOT be the normal world(overworld)

    In order for your Arena to be considered playable, it must meet three requirements.
    - There must be a border
    - At least one HotSpot
    - Must be active
    - And have the appropriate amount of spawns, so every player in the game would get their own unique spawn (More on adaptive spawns later)

    1.) Create the Arena
    * You could also delete your Arena using /arena delete (arenaNameHere)
    * Also, please make sure that when you use this command, you must be in your desired arena world
    /arena create (arenaNameHere)

    2.) Set arena border
    * You might also want to create your own box, so you know the player doesn't get out(use /worldborder if you want)

    * One of this points has to be tallest point of you're arena and the other one has to be the lowest point. (Also don't forget to completely cover your arena with this two points)

    * We would have to first setup the first point
    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) setborder 1

    * Then the second point
    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) setborder 2
    3.) Lastly, add your HotSpots!
    * Add the first point
    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) spot 1

    * Add the second point
    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) spot 2

    * You're all done!

    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) spot done

    If you need an idea on what it should look like

    The redstone block represents the first spot and the Lapis Lazuli block represents the second spot. Coherently making a cuboid.
    Note: You might want to stand where the blocks(redstone and lapis) are so people dont cap the koth from above.
    4.) If you wish to change any of the previous values use
    /arena edit (arenaNameHere) for all of the commands!

    Lastly, if you messed up you can delete the hotspot using "/arena edit [arenaName] spot delete" (You must be inside of the hotspot to delete it)

    How to add Team Spawns and Adaptive Spawns
    Team Spawns:
    * Each Team Spawn must have a sign with a dedicated team number and a sponge just above it
    Like this(Player will spawn on top of the sponge)
    Sign Text Example: "spawn0"
    Adaptive Spawns:
    * Adaptive Spawns are literally the same thing but the sign has to contain its nearest hotspot number and a block of emerald at the top
    Like this(Use HotSpots number command to get all of the available numbers(get the nearest one obviously))
    Sign Text Example: "adaptive 1"
    For support please contact me on my spigot profile or on discord!
    Also, if you have any suggestions please send me a message. :giggle:
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