DevLog - Historical

Applied By RockinChaos: May 14, 2019 at 4:38 AM


These are the recent changes in the latest versions of the snapshots.
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Please note; The information below is constantly changing so with each new snapshot released will mean additional information will appear here. So if you don't see something you wanted to be added it means I have not completed it yet, which does not mean it will not be added when the official release is ready.



  • Officially updated to Minecraft 1.14.
    • No notable changes, everything functioned as intended when compiled on 1.13 and ran on 1.14.
  • An amount specified that can be removed from a player inventory for all remove commands.
    • /itemjoin removeOnline <item> <qty>
    • /itemjoin remove <item> <qty>
    • /itemjoin remove <item> <player> <qty>
  • Issues with skulls and custom databases.
  • Subregions now properly work in all WorldGuard versions.

  • Now using a different method to fetch skull skins. Hopefully, this will be more accurate without having to ping the Mojang API.
  • Since it seems like nobody uses Java 7 according to the bStats data... I have officially switched to now compile ItemJoin against Java 8!

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