BeaconPlus API - Historical

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BeaconPlus API
BeaconPlus API
Add more effects to your beacon
1.0 API Introduction
BeaconPlus allows server/plugin developer to modify BeaconPlus deeper. You can add more Beacon Effect Type and more Block Power Calculator.

2.0 Events API

  • BeaconEffectActivateEffect (Triggered when an effect added to BeaconData, with/without player)
  • BeaconEffectDeactivateEffect (Triggered when an effect removed from BeaconData, with/without player)
  • BeaconGiveEffectEvent (Triggered when a Beacon give special effect to an entity, Asynchronous!)
  • BeaconLogModiferEvent (Triggered when player logged to BeaconData modifer)
  • BeaconOpenEvent (Triggered when player opened Special Beacon GUI)
  • BeaconOpenVanillaEvent (Triggered when player opened Vanilla Beacon GUI)
  • BeaconRemoveEffectEvent (Triggered when a Beacon remove special effect from an entity, Asynchronous!)
  • BeaconPlusEvent (Root of all events, if you listen this, you will listen to all events)
3.0 BeaconPlusAPI class
  • config() - Returns plugin configuration [FileConfiguration]
  • getBeaconRange(int power) - Returns beacon range for that power [double]
  • getEffectByName(String name) - Returns effect with that name [BeaconEffect]
  • getEffects() - Returns all available effects [List<BeaconEffect>]
  • getEffectsCount() - Count all effects including invalid effects [int]
  • getMaxEffects() - Get configured max effects [int]
  • getMaxModiferLog() - Get configured max modifer log [int]
  • getNearbyBeacons(Location loc) - Get all nearby beacons, beacon added when location was inside beacon range. [Set<BeaconData>]
  • getPower(Block b) - Get power value for that block [int]
  • getPowerSources() - Get all configured power sources [List<BeaconPowerSource>]
  • openBeacon(Player p,BeaconData d,Inventory vanilla) - Open beacon GUI
    • Player p - The player
    • BeaconData d - The beacon, you can use ChunkStreams.getBeacon(Location loc);
    • Inventory vanilla - The vanilla inventory
  • registerFactory(BeaconEffectFactory f) - Register your own Beacon Effect Factory
  • reloadEffects() - Reload all effects (trigger reload() method on all registered BeaconEffectFactory)
  • resetAll(Player p) - Reset all effects for that player
  • shouldDisableVanillaBeacon() - Self explanatory. [boolean]
  • unregisterFactory(BeaconEffectFactory f) - Unregister a beacon effect factory
4.0 ChunkStreams class
  • drop() - Clear all cached beacon datas
  • forceUpdateAll() - Force update all beacons (synchronized)
  • getBeacon(Location loc) - Returns BeaconData of a beacon [BeaconData]
  • getData(Chunk c) - Returns ChunkData of a chunk [ChunkData]
  • getLoadedChunks() - Returns a list of loaded chunks [List<ChunkData>]
  • getLoadedChunks(World w) - Returns a list of world loaded chunks [List<ChunkData>]
  • getLoadedChunksCount(World w) - Total of loaded chunks on a world [int]
  • getWorldFolder(World w) - Returns folder of a world
  • getWorldInfo(World w) - Returns info of a world
  • load(Chunk c) - Cache loaded chunk
  • merge(String name,ChunkData c) - Cache chunk to a world
    • String name - World Name
    • ChunkData c - The chunk data
  • removeAllInvalidEffects() - Remove all invalid effects from all beacons in every worlds
  • save(ChunkData c) - Save chunk data to file
  • unload(Chunk c) - Unload chunk from cache
5.0 CalculateurService class
  • calculate(BeaconData data) - Calculate beacon power for a beacon data [BeaconPower]
  • registerCalculator(BeaconPowerCalculator calc) - Register your own beacon power calculator
  • unregisterCalculator(BeaconPowerCalculator calc) - Unregister a calculator