Parties - Historical

Applied By Coldcrow: Mar 1, 2020 at 8:55 PM

This means that PvP between the players in the party is toggled. If PVP is on, players can attack each other that are in the party and if PvP is off then they can't. This is useful for group projects, so you don't accidentally mine the head off o
We've implemented a command which sends messages to those in your party only! With this, you can scheme and even plan to attack other parties. Secrets can be shared this way. The command is used like this:

  • /p Hello party, how are we doing today?
This will return:re we doing today?
Experience Share
Along with the other two features, we've added experience sharing. This means that players get a share of all the experience you get. Don't fear, everyone shares! The command is used like this:

  • /party mode exp
Using the command will toggle the status of exp sharing, and will return whether is is enabled or disabled.