FriendsPremium - Historical

Applied By Flocrafter77: Apr 20, 2021 at 2:44 PM


To access the API of FriendsPremium you can either add the .jar-File to your buildpath or add the following dependency to your pom.xml:



All neccessary methods can be accessed by the classes FriendsAPI and PartyAPI.

All available methods accessable by FriendsAPI:

Code (Java):

        // Returns list of all friends
        List<Friend> friends = FriendsAPI.getFriends(uuid);
        // Returns list with all friends currently online
        List<Friend> onlineFriends = FriendsAPI.getOnlineFriends(uuid);
        // Returns list with all friends currently offline
        List<Friend> offlineFriends = FriendsAPI.getOfflineFriends(uuid);
        // Returns list with all friends marked as favorite
        List<Friend> favoriteFriends = FriendsAPI.getFavoriteFriends(uuid);
        // Gets a friendship between two players by their uuid
        Friend friendWithUUID = FriendsAPI.getFriend(uuid, friendUUID);
        // Gets a friendship between two players by uuid and name
        Friend friendWithName = FriendsAPI.getFriend(uuid, friendName);
        // Gets all options from a player by uuid
        Options options = FriendsAPI.getOptions(uuid);
        // Gets a list of all open requests
        List<Request> requests = FriendsAPI.getRequests(uuid);
        // Gets a request by uuid
        Request requestWithUUID = FriendsAPI.getRequest(uuid, requesterUUID);
        // Gets a request by uuid and name
        Request requestWithName = FriendsAPI.getRequest(uuid, requesterName);
        // Sends a request to uuidToSendTo
        FriendsAPI.sendRequest(uuidToSendTo, uuidSender, nameSender, "optionalAddMessage can be null");
        * Friend is a class containing alot of usefull informations
        * describing the friendship between two players

        Friend friend = FriendsAPI.getFriend(aUUID, bUUID);
        // Checks if a has b set to favorite
        if(friend.getFavorite() == 1)
        // Checks if b is allowed to send a messages
        if(friend.getCanSendMessages() == 1)
        // Gets the time in millis b was last seen on the server
        long lastOnline = friend.getLastOnline();
        // Gets the set nickname of b
        String nickname = friend.getNickname();
        // [0,1] if online or not
        int online = friend.getOnline();
        String server = friend.getServer();
        String status = friend.getStatus();

All available methods accessable by PartyAPI:

Code (Java):
        // Return the current party a player is in
        // Returns null if the player is currently in no party
        Partydata party = PartyAPI.getParty(uuid);
        // Returns a list of all members in the current party
        List<Member> members = PartyAPI.getMembers(uuid);
        // Returns a list of all partyleaders in the current party
        List<Member> leaders = PartyAPI.getPartyLeaders(uuid);
        // Gives a single member in the party by uuid or name
        Member member = party.getSingle(uuid);
        Member member = party.getSingle(name);
        // Gets the current sever the party is on
        String server = party.getServer();
        // To validate if a member is a leader of the current party
        if(member.getLeader() == 1)