Dedicated Hosting Reference - Historical

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Dedicated Hosting Reference
General Information

I find really helpful too in general comparisons. This is probably the best location to compare how CPU's might compare.

Here are a few providers with a few blurbs:
  • SecuredServers - Division of PheonixNAP their dedicated servers are resold by large GSP's like MCProHosting. They offer free DDoS mitigation but I think the limit is a bit lower IIRC.
  • ServerMania - A few others have said they had network issues previously, but they're a large player as well.
  • Hetzner - If you can stomach their large up-front setup fees (usually 1 months rent), they are a great host in Europe that a lot of people like.
  • OVH - Offer free DDoS mitigation with their VAC program. Offer new hardware on their Enterprise tier and older cheaper hardware at their daughter company SYS (SoYouStart).
  • Intreppid - Costly, but these guys generously support the spigot project and host most of the top minecraft servers as well as providing DDoS mitigation solutions to these customers. Top notch support as well as products from everything I've heard. They've had recent network issues (2/2014).
  • ReliableSite - Recently discovered these guys. Utilize a data center in NJ and have an excellent network. I have a server with them. Excellent Support. Offer DDoS protection beneath Intreppid's levels.
  • WholesaleInternet - Been around awhile. I'm not sure about their recent offerings, but I've heard good things about this company.
  • DataShack - Sister company of the above. Also heard good things.
Notable VPS providers:
  • RamNode - These guys are amazing. I cannot say enough good things about RamNode. They recently acquired another VPS company and have started offering services in the Netherlands. I have services at all of their locations and I couldn't be happier.
  • Prometeus - I've heard amazing things about this provider of VPS services in Europe.