MVdW Event Triggers - Historical

Applied By Maximvdw: Oct 28, 2015 at 11:25 PM

MVdW Event Triggers
Event triggers for MVdW-Software plugins
Applies to ActionBar,AnimatedNames,Tab,FeatherBoard


Event Triggers are a new thing added on 31/09/2015 as part of the big FeatherBoard3 update. The idea is that you can show different scoreboard, actionbars, tab header and footer ,.. when an event is triggered.

Events can be just plain vanilla events such as dieing or going into combat, but they get more advanced and useful when they hook into other plugins such as mini games or skill plugins.

Examples are for example showing a different scoreboard with different placeholders when a player joins a mini game.

Available event triggers

NOTE: The list below is generated by the plugin.