KnockBack Stick miniGame - Historical

Applied By MrLOLcraft1: Feb 20, 2017 at 5:08 PM

KnockBack Stick miniGame
i think of a very nice minigame.
every one spawn's whit a KnockBack 1 stick and a fishing rod.
the point is to punsh everyone out of a platform.
If some coder's can make a plugin like this i would be glad.
its a simple code you don't need much.
The command's can be
/KBS setspawn
EDIT: /KBS wand - Ability to select the platform.
EDIT: /KBS stop - (ADMIN ONLY) Permission the stop the game.
EDIT: /KBS start - (ADMIN ONLY) Permission to force start a game.

Have a nice day, bye!

Its like a FFA but just in the air whit just a stick and a rod!
please make a plugin.