Plugin Commands - Historical

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Plugin Commands
EggWars 2 commands:


  • [----] -> Optional.
  • <----> -> Required.

Main command (/ew):
  • /ew join - Opens the arena list.
  • /ew join <NAME> - Joins you to an arena.
  • /ew leave - Leave an arena.
  • /ew lobby - Teleports you to the lobby.
  • /ew forceStart [NAME] - Forces an arena to start.
  • /ew findMatch <ID> - Finds an arena summary.
  • /ew kits [solo | s | team | t] - Opens the kit inventory.
  • /ew extras - Opens the extras inventory.
  • /ew stats - Opens the stats menu.
  • /ew toggleGlobalChat - Toggles your chat between the chat of the server and the chat of the arena.

Setup command (/ews):
  • /ews setMainLobby - Sets the main lobby of EggWars. Stay on the location and run the command.
  • /ews createArena <NAME> - Creates an arena.
  • /ews removeArena <NAME> - Removes an arena.
  • /ews toggleEditMode <ARENA> - Toggles between the edit mode and the game mode of an arena.
  • /ews setLobby <ARENA> - Sets the lobby of an arena.
  • /ews setCenter <ARENA> - Sets the center of an arena.
  • /ews tpArena <ARENA> - Teleports you to an arena.
  • /ews addTeam <ARENA> <NAME> - Adds a team to an arena. Supports colors.
  • /ews removeTeam <ARENA> - Removes the latest team of an arena.
  • /ews teamList <ARENA> - Shows you the list of teams of an arena.
  • /ews setTeamDisplayName <ARENA> <TEAM NUMBER> <NAME> - Sets the name of a team. Supports colors.
  • /ews setTeamSpawn <ARENA> <TEAM NUMBER> - Sets the CELL spawn of a team. Stay on the location and run the command.
  • /ews setTeamRespawn <ARENA> <TEAM NUMBER> - Sets the respawn of a team. Stay on the location and run the command.
  • /ews setTeamEggLocation <ARENA> <TEAM NUMBER> - Sets the egg spawn of a team. Stay on the location and run the command.
  • /ews setTeamVillagerLocation <ARENA> <TEAM NUMBER> - Sets the villager spawn of a team. Stay on the location and run the command.
  • /ews setLobbyCountdown <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the countdown in seconds of the lobby.
  • /ews setFullCountdown <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the countdown in seconds of the lobby when the arena is full.
  • /ews setIngameCountdown <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the arena duration in seconds.
  • /ews setCellsCountdown <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the countdown in seconds of the despawn of the cells.
  • /ews setFinishDelay <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the finish delay in seconds between the arena finish and the arena restart.
  • /ews setMinPlayers <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the minimun amount of players required to start the arena.
  • /ews setMaxPlayersPerTeam <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the maximun amount of players in a team. Set /ews setMaxPlayersPerteam <ARENA> 1 to switch to solo mode.
  • /ews setBungeeLobby <ARENA> <LOBBY NAME> - Sets the name of the lobby server. Players will be teleported to this server when the arena finishes if the plugin is in Bungee mode.
  • /ews setTime <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the default arena time in ticks. Can be overrided by the vote system.
  • /ews cloneArena <ARENA> <NEW NAME> - Clones an arena.
  • /ews toggleOldMode <ARENA> - Toggles between the old pvp mode and the new pvp mode.
  • /ews setSpawnLobby <ARENA> - Sets the location where players will be teleported when the arena fnishes. This command is optional. If you don't set this command the default lobby will be the main lobby.
  • /ews setRespawnDelay <ARENA> <NUMBER> - Sets the respawn delay of an arena. If 0 players will respawn instantly.
  • /ews setRandomEventProbability <ARENA> <DECIMAL> - Sets the probability of every second of a game to have a random event.
  • /ews toggleRandomEvents <ARENA> - Activates or deactivates random events in an arena.
  • /ews setEgg <ARENA> - Sets the egg of an arena. Put a block on your main hand and run the command. The default block is the Dragon Egg.
  • /ews eventList <ARENA> - Shows the event manager of an arena.
  • /ews kitList - Shows the kit manager.
  • /ews cellList - Shows the cell manager.
  • /ews arrowList - Shows the arrow manager.
  • /ews villagerList - Shows the villager manager.
  • /ews generatorLIst - Shows the generator manager.
  • /ews specialItemsList - Opens a list with all special items. You can pick every item you want!

Economy command (/ewe):
  • /ewe add|remove|set|clear <PLAYER NAME> <STAT> <AMOUNT>.
Compatible stats: soloWins, soloPlayed, soloKills, soloDeaths, soloAssists, soloEggs, teamWins, teamPlayed, teamKills, teamDeaths, teamAssists, teamEggs, coins, shots, successfulShots.

Importer command (/ewi):

This command allows you to import data of other EggWars plugins!

Compatible plugins: EggWars (old version).

Admin command (/ewa):

  • /ewa forceBuy <PLAYER NAME> kit|cell|arrow <ID> - Forces a player to buy a kit, cell or arrow. If the player already had the kit, cell or arrow, the command will force to select it.
  • /ewa forceSelect <PLAYER NAME> kit|cell|arrow <ID> - Forces a player to select a kit, cell or arrow. If the player has not the kit, cell, or arrow, the command will do nothing.
  • /ewa forceAdd <PLAYER NAME> kit|cell|arrow <ID> - Adds a kit, cell or arrow to a player.
  • /ewa forceRemove <PLAYER NAME> kit|cell|arrow <ID> - Removes a kit, cell or arrow from a player.
  • /ewa editInventory <Inventory> - Opens a kit inventory. To see the list of inventories use the button <TAB> after the command.