ItemJoin - Historical

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Welcome to ItemJoin's Wiki!
Here you will find full documentation on ItemJoin

  • Introduction
    • Getting Started - General tips for how to use ItemJoin, this includes questions users ask the most.
    • Commands and Permissions - The list of commands and permissions that exist within ItemJoin, including detailed explanations for what they are used for.

  • Configurations
    • Additional Config Info.
    • items.yml - The default items.yml file.
    • config.yml - The default config.yml file.
    • en-lang.yml - The default en-lang.yml file.

  • Info
    • Resolution Center - If you need help, see this list of common problems users run into while using ItemJoin and see the provided resolutions.
    • Recent Changes - If you want to know whats happening next or are interested in new changes with ItemJoin.