MVdW FeatherBoard Incompatibilities - Historical

Applied By starlord1986: Jan 13, 2018 at 8:50 PM

MVdW FeatherBoard Incompatibilities
FeatherBoard plugin incompatibilities
This is a list of known incompatible plugins. The list is not limited to the plugins listed here. Feel free to add a plugin you know of that would cause incompatibilities.


  1. Include the plugin name
  2. (preferable with generic names) Include the plugin author
  3. Solution, "None" if none
  4. (optional) link
  5. (optional) what happens when using it


Author: filoghost
Symptoms: Scoreboard completely breaks

Solutions: None


Symptoms: Scoreboard breaks on level up or when it appears
Solutions: Set "board" to false in the config and "print" to true


Symptoms: Scoreboard breaks if plugin is present
Solutions: Disable the scoreboard of MobArena, event triggers and placeholders can be used
to use FeatherBoard as the scoreboard.


Symptoms: The {money} placeholder fails to work
Description: The plugin does not cache the money in Vault making it either very slow/laggy or break the placeholder.
Solutions: None


Author: filoghost
Symptoms: Scoreboard completely breaks
Solutions: None


Author: Hmmcrunchy
Symptoms: Scoreboard completely break when Diseases Scoreboard loads
Solutions: Disable the scoreboard of Diseases


Author: Any ping plugin that displays ping on the tab list, as it constently updates the board.
Symptoms: scoreboard will appear when you log in and disappear since the ping display in the tab is replacing it.
Solutions: delete the ping plugin as you dont need it because featherboard provides that info