MobEvolution - Setting Up a Game Class - Historical

Applied By Ean244: Mar 9, 2018 at 8:03 AM

MobEvolution - Setting Up a Game Class
1. Open up the game manager
The manager menu is the main configuration tool for MobEvolution. Its is easy to use as its a gui and it can do most of the setup for you.

2. Move to the game class category and click select a new class
Select the manage classes button. You will find a green emerald in the new menu. Click it to create a new class

3. Specify a name in chat

The plugin will now prompt the name from you. If you fail to response in 30 seconds, the request will be canceled.

After replying, a sound will be played indicating that the plugin has received your response. It will fail if you input a name which has already exist.

4. Game class configurations