Anti Cheat List (Bukkit and Spigot) - Historical

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Anti Cheat List (Bukkit and Spigot)
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Welcome to the SpigotMC anti-cheat wiki page. Here, you can find a variety of popular free and premium anti-cheats for a plethora of server versions that can fit to your specific server needs.

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  • The authors of this wiki are in no way directly affiliated with these anti-cheats in any way for promotional reasons.*
  • Anti-cheats will not be removed for premium or free purposes.*
  • Not every anti-cheat supports a specific version of Spigot, so please double check before downloading and installing.
  • Not all anti-cheats may be up-to-date or supported by their author. Please refer to the "[Old]" and "[Discontinued]" tags on the anti-cheat subwikis.
  • We do not take credit for any of these anti-cheats.
  • Anti-cheats that do not comply with the SpigotMC rules are not allowed to be added to any of the sub-wikis, and any preexisting anti-cheats will be removed.
  • Do not contact the authors of this wiki for any anti-cheat related support. Contact the anti-cheat's author instead.
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The list of anti-cheats has been split up into six sub-wikis, one for each of the major versions of Minecraft. Select a version below to view all popular anti-cheats that support that specific version. As a reminder, not every anti-cheat supports multiple versions.
Minecraft 1.7.X - Minecraft 1.8.X - Minecraft 1.9.X - Minecraft 1.10.X - Minecraft 1.11.X - Minecraft 1.12.X - Minecraft 1.13.X (Coming soon)

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If you have any suggestions, please contact us with your idea.
As always, enjoy the wiki.

*The authors and/or contributors of certain anti-cheats may modify any content on this wiki. However, they will not be allowed to promote their anti-cheat(s) in any way through this wiki and its subwikis. Discontinued anti-cheats can be removed at any time and will depend on factors such as popularity and/or review ratings. Once a discontinued anti-cheat is removed, it cannot be added back unless the anti-cheat has been updated at least once. Discontinued anti-cheats can only be removed after a full review has been conducted, which may be performed at any time. Anti-cheats will not be removed for "no space" or promotional reasons at any time (e.g. deleting a "discontinued" anti-cheat so that another anti-cheat may get more popularity) and any of said changes will be reverted. This wiki is completely non-biased towards any anti-cheat and its only purpose is to act as a knowledgebase for a list of anti-cheats.