CMI Commands - Historical

Applied By Zrips: May 7, 2018 at 4:18 PM

CMI Commands
For most of the commands, there is no difference if a player is online or not.
[] - required
() - optional

Some commands will have additional information about them, including extra permission nodes when using ? sign, in example /cmi alert ? will show some explanation on needed permission node not only usage.
Some commands will have special variable -s which will prevent any message output after performing, allows for a silent command performance in case you need this. Needs to have cmi.command.silent permission node or it.
For command permission nodes, check main page.

/cmi actionbarmsg [playerName] [message] - Displays action bar message for target player

/cmi afk (playerName) - toggles afk mode

/cmi air [playerName] (amount) (-s) - Will show players left air or change it to defined amount

/cmi alert [playerName] (reason) - Will set alert message for target player and will display it to players with appropriate permission node on players login.

/cmi aliaseditor - shows all active custom alias and allows you to add new ones or delete old.

/cmi armorstand (last) - Opens armorstand editor if looking at armor stand or open editor for last edited armor stand if last variable is being provided

/cmi attachcommand (command) - attaches command to item in your hand. Command persist on that item even when its dropped on ground.
Code (Text):
Separate commands with ;;
You can define to run command on left or right mouse click separetly with
!left! to perform command on left mouse click
!right! to perform command on right click
!limiteduse:[amount]! defines how many times you can use this item
!cc! performs command from console, requires permission
Global variables working in addition with [itemUses]
[interactedPlayer] will insert players name with which one you have interacted while holding this item.
/cmi attachcommand !left!cmi point;;!right!cmi heal
/cmi attachcommand !left!cmi point;;!right!!cc!cmi heal [playerName]
/cmi attachcommand !limiteduse:10!;;!cc!cmi heal [playerName]
/cmi attachcommand !cc!cmi heal [interactedPlayer]

/cmi back - Teleports to the previous location

/cmi balance (balance) - Check money balance

/cmi baltop (balance) - Show top balance ratings

/cmi ban [playerName] (reason) (-s) - Bans player

/cmi blockcycling (forward/backward) - Cycles throw all possible block states while its placed.

/cmi blockinfo - Shows block information including its real name

/cmi blocknbt - Shows block NBT information

/cmi book [Author/Title/Unlock] [value] - Allows to edit book even if it was already locked.

/cmi bossbarmsg [playerName/all] (-t:[timeToKeepFor]) (-n:nameOfBar) (-p:[maxValue/current]) (-c:[color]) [message] sends boss bar message to defined player or for anybody online. More information and better explanation can be found HERE
Code (Text):

[playerName/all] self explanatory, send for one or all players online
(-t:[timeToKeepFor]) defines time to keep up that bossbar, time formats accepted like 1s, 5m and similar. Or simply use -t:5 to keep up bossbar for 5 seconds. If time is not defined, then it will be visible for 3 seconds.
(-n:nameOfBar) defines bossbar name, don't mix up with text it self. This one is identification for that boss bar and can be anything you want. Why we need it? Well in case you wan to have only one or update already being shown with new information, you can use same name each time, if not, then additional bar will be created up to 9 boss bars in one time.
(-p:[maxValue/current]) defines how much of bar we need to fill up, in example -p:100/32 will fill up 32% of bar. This accepts PlaceHolderAPI variables for dynamic updates, like online player count and similar. -p:%server_max_players%/%server_online% keep in mind that placeholders should return numeric value.
(-c:[color]) will define color of bar: red, green, pink, purple, white, yellow
[message]  self explanatory.

/cmi broadcast [message] - Broadcasts message to all players. If message starts with ! then prefix will be excluded for clean message.

/cmi charges (playerName) [add/set/take/clear/reset] (-f) - Allows to check current spawner charge state or manage them if player has cmi.command.charges.edit permission node. -f will force charges to go over limit if needed.

/cmi chat [playerName/off] - enables persistent chat mode where you can write public messages and they will be sent only to defined player. Simplifies private messaging.

/cmi checkaccount (playerName/ip) - Provides a list of Ip's and account names connected to that ip/account name. cmi.command.checkaccount.showip will allow to see ip's other wise only account names are being shown.

/cmi checkban (playerName) - Checks banned players

/cmi checkexp (playerName) - Checks players exp level

/cmi checkperm (keyWord) - Shows full list of permissions used by plugin or shows permissions related to key word.

/cmi cheque [amount] - Creates cheque with defined money amount by taking it from you and using paper from your hand.

/cmi clear (playerName) (-s) - Clear's players inventory.

/cmi clearchat (self) - Clears chat. If self variable defined, then only sender's chat will be cleared. cmi.command.clearchat.bypass can be used to bypass chat clear by others.

/cmi clearender (playerName) (-s) - clears players ender chest.

/cmi colorlimits (playerName) - Shows all color limits player currently have. For: signs, private message, public messages, nick names.

/cmi colors (playerName) - displays list of color codes.

/cmi commandspy (playerName)
- toggles command spy feature for player

/cmi compass [sourceName] (targetName) (x) (z) (worldname) (-s) - Sets compass target to target player location or specific location on map. Example: /cmi compass Zhax, /cmi compass Zrips Zhax, /cmi compass LT_Craft 0 0 Zrips -s

/cmi condense (itemName) -
condenses items in inventory to more compact form

/cmi counter [join/leave/start] (t:time) (r:range) (msg:custom_message) (c:[world:x:y:z]) (-f) -
Manages counter feature. Allows to display count down for players who joined counter with /cmi counter join or by force for everyone in range if -f is used.
Example: /cmi counter t:5 r:50 -f c:Lt_craft:0:120:0

/cmi cplaytime (playerName) - open GUI for detailed check of players playtime.

/cmi ctext (cTextName) - Shows list or particular custom text.

/cmi cuff [playername] - Suspends players activities. Cuffing can be prevented with cmi.command.cuff.bypass

/cmi dback - returns to last death location if one exists.

/cmi disableenchant - Opens GUI where you can disable any enchantment from usage on server.

/cmi dispose (playerName) - Opens GUI where you can place unneeded items to dispose of them.

/cmi dsign (new) - creates new dynamic sign or shows editor if you already facing one.

/cmi editctext - Shows list of all created custom text's and allow to add new one, remove old or edit existing.

/cmi editplaytime (playerName) [add/take/set] [amount] (-s) - edits players playtime

/cmi editwarp [warpName] - Opens warp editor GUI

/cmi effect [playername] [effect/clear] (duration) (multiplier) - Add potion effect to player with duration and multiplier. Can clear all potions effects if needed.

/cmi enchant (playerName) [enchant] [level] (-o) - Enchants item in hand with defined enchantment and level. -o will allow to enchant item in offhand

/cmi ender (playerName) - Opens ender chest of your ender check or another player. If it's not yours ender chest, you will need cmi.enderedit permission node to edit it.

/cmi entityinfo - Check information about entity you are looking at.

/cmi entitynbt - Check NBT data information about entity you are looking at.

/cmi exp (playerName) [add/set/take/clear] [amount] (-s) - manages players expirience points. Examples: /exp 10, /exp add 10, /exp set 10L, /exp take 10, /exp Zrips clear, /exp Zrips add 10

/cmi feed (playerName)
- Feeds player

/cmi fixchunk w [worldName] r [range in chunks] c [x:z] - Will attempt to find broken chunks and will offer to regenerate them after scan. Examples: /fixchunk w LT_Craft, /fixchunk w LT_Craft r 50 c 1024:-2048, /fixchunk w LT_Craft r g, /fixchunk fix
Code (Text):
    stats - show current scanning stats
    pause - pause scaning
    continue - continue scanning
    stop - stop scaning
    speed [amount] - set current scan speed
    autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
    messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on

/cmi flightcharge (add/take/set/show/expcharge/moneycharge/recharge) (playerName) (amount) - Manipulates player flight charges. For recharge, /recharge can be used and for simple charge check /fcharge can be used

/cmi fly (playerName) (true/false) - Toggle fly mode for player

/cmi flyspeed (playerName) [amount] (-s) - Changes fly speed from 0 to 10

/cmi getbook [cText] (playerName) - converts custom text into book and gives it to target player

/cmi give (playerName) [itemname] (amount) - Gives item for player. Special tags can be used.
Code (Text):
Example: /give stone
    /cmi give Zrips stone 5 n Stonehenge
    /cmi give stick e knockback:1
    /cmi give Zrips sponge l Got_item_on:_%date/YY/MM/dd-HH:mm:ss%
    /cmi give Zrips sponge 1 e Knockback:%rand/1-5%
    /cmi give Zrips sponge %rand/1-10%
    /cmi give sponge a maxhealth:5:mainhand
    /cmi give diamond_sword unbreakable
    /cmi give mob_spawner:creeper
    /cmi give minecraft:diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:100},{id:2,lvl:100},{id:34,lvl:100}]}

/cmi giveall [itemname] (amount) (e|l|n|offline) - Gives item for all players offline or online.
Code (Text):
give item name or its id with data value, optionally provide amount you want to give
    n - to define itemname
    l - to define item lore
    e - to define item enchants
    s - wont show feedback message
    h - followed by player name will give item from its hand
    inv - followed by player name will give entire inventory for others
    offline - to include offline players
    /cmi giveall stone 1 n &2Uber_stone l &3Stone_lore offline
    /cmi giveall h Zrips
    /cmi giveall inv Zrips

/cmi glow (playerName) [true/false/color] (-s) - Sets players glow. Example: /glow Zrips red Permissions: cmi.command.glow.[color] - allows to set particular glow color

/cmi gm [playerName] [gamemode] (-s) - changes player game mode

/cmi god [playerName] (true/false) (-s) - changes god mode for player

/cmi groundclean (+cb) (+cm) (+ci) (+b) - removes dropped items from ground.
Code (Text):
  +cm will include minecarts into cleaning
  +cb will include boats into cleaning
  +ci defines if you want to include weapons and armors
  +b broadcasts clear message to everyone

/cmi haspermission (playerName) [permissionNode] - shows if player has access to permission node and source of it

/cmi hat (playerName) (-s) - places item from hand as hat.

/cmi head [sourceName] (targetName) (-s) - creates head by target player skin

/cmi heal (playerName) (healamount/healpercent) (-s) - heal player to full, particular amount or in percentage. Example /cmi heal zrips, /cmi heal zrips 10, /cmi heal zrips 10%

/cmi helpop [message] - sends message to help channel and any player with cmi.command.helpop.inform permission node will see that message

/cmi hideflags (playerName) [flagName/clear] - Can hide defined item flag or rehide them.Example /cmi hideflags Zrips hide_placed_on

/cmi hologram (new) - Shows list of holograms sorted by distance or creates new one.

/cmi home (homeName) (playerName) - teleports to home location

/cmi homes (playerName) - list homes

/cmi hunger [playerName] [amount] (-s) - sets player hunger

/cmi ic (new) (name) - start creation of clickable blocks or entities

/cmi ifoffline [playerName] (command) - performs command only if defined player is offline

/cmi ifonline [playerName] (command) - performs command only if defined player is online

/cmi ignore (playerName/uuid/all) - add/remove player to ignore list

/cmi importfrom [essentials] [home/warp/nick/logoutlocation/money]- imports old user data from essentials folder by defined variables. Multiple can be used.

/cmi importoldusers - imports user data from playerdata folder

/cmi info [playerName/uuid] - shows detailed information about player. is required to see players ip address. To see players country you will need THIS file to be present in CMI folder

/cmi inv [playerName] - opens players inventory. cmi.invedit is required to edit inventory. cmi.buttonteleport is required to teleport to players location when pressing on location button.

/cmi invcheck (playerName) [id] (-e) - checks saved inventories. -e defines if you are opening inventory for editing or not cmi.command.invcheck.edit is required for that.

/cmi invlist (playerName) - shows list of saved inventories

/cmi invload (sourceName) (targetName) [id/last]
- loads saved inventory by defined id or takes last one to targer player

/cmi invremove (playerName) [id/all/last] - removes saved inventory by its id, last one or all of them if defined.

/cmi invsave (playerName) - saves players inventory

/cmi iteminfo (playerName) - shows item in hand information

/cmi itemlore (playerName) [linenumber] [remove/insert/new lore line] - manages item lore.

/cmi itemname (playerName) [remove/your new item name]- manages item name

/cmi itemnbt (playerName) - shows all item NBT tags

/cmi jail [playerName] (time) (jailName) (cellId) - to jail player

/cmi jailedit - to edit jails

/cmi jump - jumps to location where you are looking at

/cmi kick [playerName/all] (message) (-s) - kicks player from server with optional custom message.

/cmi killall (-monsters/-pets/-npc/-animals/-ambient/-named/-f/-lightning/-list/[mobType]) (range) (-s) - kill entities from all worlds or in range. More information at WIKI page

/cmi kit (kitName) (playerName) - shows all kits or gives defined one
Code (Text):
    cmi.kit.[kitName] - allows to use particular kit - bypass money requirement
    cmi.kit.bypass.exp - bypass exp requirement
    /cmi kit [kitName] [playerName] - will give kit to another player

/cmi kitcdreset (kitName) (playerName) - allows to reset kit cooldown by its name or by clicking on list

/cmi kiteditor - Shows list of kits for editing. Can create any kits with ingame provided GUI

/cmi lastonline [timeRange/list/stop] [page]
- shows list of last online players from time range. Excludes currently online

/cmi launch (playerName) (p:[power]) (a:[angle]) (d:[direction])- lauches player to particular direction
Code (Text):
/cmi launch (playerName) (p:[power]) (a:[angle]) (d:[direction]) Yes its long one. Some examples:
/cmi launch - will simple launch you where you are looking with power of 2
/cmi launch p:1.5 - will launch where you are looking with power of 1.5
/cmi launch a:45 - will launch you at angle of 45 to direction you are looking to and with power of 2
/cmi launch d:west - will launch you to west
/cmi launch d:45 - will launch you to south-west direction
/cmi launch Zrips p:3.2 a:23 d:32 - will launch Zrips with power of 3.2 at angle of 23 and direction of 32 degrees.
/cmi launch loc:150:120:123 - will launch player to target location. This will set appropriate angle and direction. Same for power and power will get lower, closer you are to destination. You can provide custom variables together with this one.

/cmi lfix (range) (playerName) - fixes light issues around player in range by chunks.

/cmi list - Shows list of online players sorted by permission nodes or permission groups.

/cmi lockip [playername] [add/remove/list/clear] [ip] - prevents any logging in to account from another ip address

/cmi mail [send/clear/read] [playerName] (message) - sends or edits mail for target player

/cmi mailall [send/clear/remove] [message] - sends mail to all players who logged in in last 7 days (configurable)

/cmi money [pay/set/give/take] [playerName] [amount] - allows to manipulate player balance. set/give/take requires permission node

/cmi maintenance (message) - puts server into maintenance mode and prevents players from joining server without cmi.command.maintenance.bypass permission node. Displays default or defined message on joining. PlaceHolderAPI supported.

/cmi maxhp [set/add/take/clear] [playerName] [amount] (-s) - manage players max hp amount

/cmi maxplayer [amount] - changes server player limit without needing of a restart.

/cmi me [message] - sends broadcast type message. needed for colored message

/cmi merchant [type] [playerName] - opens defined merchant GUI for trading

/cmi migratedatabase - changes database type from SqLite to MySQL or vice versa.

/cmi mirror (start/stop) - opens GUI for setting mirror setting for mirroring placed blocks

/cmi more (playerName) (-clone/[amount]) - multiplies item stack to max allowed, to defined amount or clones entire stack to new one

/cmi msg [playerName] [message] - sends private message to target player. If the message starts with ! then a clean message is being shown. Sender should have cmi.command.msg.clean permission node for that

/cmi mute [playerName] (time) (-s) - Prevents player from sending public messages for defined time period. If not defined that 1 hour will be used. Can be bypassed with cmi.command.mute.bypass

/cmi mutechat (time) - Mutes global chat messages for a defined time. If not defined, then for one hour. Can be bypassed with cmi.command.mutechat.bypass

/cmi near (distance) - shows players near you.

/cmi nick [newNickName] (playerName) - changes players nickname to defined one. By using Off will turn off nick name

/cmi note (playerName) [add/remove/clear/list] (id/note) - will allow to edit notes asociated with target player

/cmi oplist - prints out full list of players with OP

/cmi patrol - teleports to next player in list for checking him out

/cmi ping (playerName) - shows players ping

/cmi placeholders - prints out all possible CMI placeholders to be used with PlaceHolderAPI plugin.

/cmi playtime (playerName) - shows players playtime

/cmi playtimetop - shows top list sorted by players play time

/cmi point - draws line from player towards block he is looking at and marks that block for next 5 seconds

/cmi portals (new/nearest) (portalName) - shows list of portals if no variables provided or creates new one.

/cmi pos (playerName) - prints current position including chunk and world region coordinates, light level and appropriate nether world coordinates

/cmi preview [range] (innerrange) - loads chunks around player. Can load up to 32 chunks in range.

/cmi ptime - changes players personal time to defined one.
Code (Text):
  /ptime 13:00:00
  /ptime 1pm
  /ptime 13
  /ptime 7000ticks
  /ptime Zrips 1pm
  /ptime freeze
  /ptime unfreeze
  /ptime realtime
  /ptime reset

/cmi purge - cleans player data files depending on offline time.

/cmi pweather (playerName) [sun/rain/reset] - sets personal player weather

/cmi rankdown (rankName) (confirm) - ranks down to previous rank if possible.

/cmi rankinfo (rankName) - shows current of defined rank information.

/cmi ranklist - prints out all possible ranks

/cmi rankset (playerName) [rankName] - sets defined rank for player

/cmi rankup (rankName) (confirm) - rankups to defined or to next rank.

/cmi realname (playerName/nickName) - to check out players real name

/cmi recipe (itemName) - Shows recipe for item by provided name or from players hand. Option to click on any item in recipe GUI to check its recipe.

/cmi reload - reloads configuration files

/cmi removehome (homeName) (playerName) - removes home from player by defined name

/cmi removeuser [uuid/duplicates] - removes user from a database by uuid or all duplicates.

/cmi removewarp (warpName) - removes warp point by name

/cmi repair (playerName) [hand/armor/all] - repair items

/cmi repaircost (playerName) [amount] - sets items repair cost to defined amount

/cmi replaceblock id [blockName:data/id:data] w [blockName:data/id:data] r [range in chunks/g] y [max height] - replaces blocks in area by id
Code (Text):
    - pause - pause replacing
    - continue - continue replacing
    - stop - stop replacing
    - speed [amount] - set current replace speed
    - autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
    - messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on
    /cmi replaceblock id 52 w stone r 10
    /cmi replaceblock id 52,gold_block w stone r 15 y 100
    /cmi replaceblock id 52 w air r g y 100
    /cmi replaceblock id iron_ore%75 w stone%90,dirt%5 r g

/cmi reply [message] - reply to last player

/cmi ride - allows to ride on entity you are looking at. You need to have cmi.command.ride.[entityType] permission node. And you cant control entities which are not tamed.

/cmi saturation (playerName) [amount] - sets players saturation level

/cmi saveall (daysRange) - saves every player inventory. Includes offline players too.

/cmi sc - starts sign copy process

/cmi scan - scans defined range or entire map for particular items in all possible containers.
Code (Text):
    - stats - show current scanning stats
    - pause - pause scanning
    - continue - continue scanning
    - stop - stop scanning
    - speed [amount] - set current scan speed
    - autospeed [true/false] - set autospeed turned off or on
    - messages [true/false] - set message output to off or on
    id [id:data]
    q [minimum quantity]
    r [range in chunks] - option to use g instead of number to scan entire map
    n [item name]
    l [item lore]
    h uses info from item in hand
    e [enchantname]
    elvl [enchantminlevel]
    purge - removed found items, this feature should be enabled in config file
    /scan id 52 r 30
    scan id diamond_block r g q 32

/cmi schedule [scheduleName] - Trigger schedule by its name. Includes disabled.

/cmi se [SignLine] [Text] - sets sign text line

/cmi search - searches for defined item or player state in all players inventories/enderchest/playervault
Code (Text):

    id [id:data]
    name [some_custom_itemname]
    lore [some_custom_lore]
    enchant [lowest enchant level]
    potion [lowest custom potion effect level]
    fly [true or false]
    gm [0/1/2/3 or survival/creative/adventure/spectator]
    maxhp [lowest hp player have]
    god [true/false]
    /search gm 1
    /search id 52
    /search lore Uber_lore

/cmi seen [playerName/uuid] - shows last time player was seen

/cmi sell (all/blocks/hand) - sells items from your hand, entire inventory or only blocks if price is set for them

/cmi sendall [serverName] - send all online players to target server. Can be bypassed with cmi.command.sendall.bypass

/cmi server [serverName] (playerName) - travel to target server or send player over there (Bungee Network)

/cmi servertime - shows server time including time zone

/cm setfirstspawn (playerName) - set first spawn point to your or defined player location

/cmi sethome (homeName) (playerName) - sets home location for you or target player, if name not defined then home is used by default. When setting home location for another player, home name should always be provided.

/cmi setmotd [newMotd] - sets new server MOTD without restarting server. Use tab to get current one.

/cmi setspawn (playerName) (true/false) (-g:[groupName]) (-rng:[range]) - sets spawn to your or defined players location. If used true, then this location will be used as location to appear after death.

/cmi setwarp [warpName] (reqPermission) (hand) (slot) (autoLore) - creates warp. All optional variables can be adjust later throw warp editor gui editor. If hand variable used then item from hand will be used in GUI. If true is used then player has to have cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use this warp. If slot number (1-54) is used, then warp icon in GUI will be placed in that slot.
Code (Text):
    /cmi setwarp spawn - simple warp to spawn
    /cmi setwarp spawn true - creates warp and will require cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use it
    /cmi setwarp spawn hand - creates warp will take item from hand to display in GUI for this warp
    /cmi setwarp spawn 13 - creates warp and sets GUI slot to be used in GUI (1-54)
    /cmi setwarp spawn true hand 13 - all in one
    /cmi setwarp spawn true hand 13 false - same as previous, but doesn't generate lore

/cmi setworth - opens UI where you can set items buy and sell prices.

/cmi (itemname) [price] - sets items price when selling it with sell command

/cmi shakeitoff - removes any passengers currently on you.

/cmi silence (one/off) - prevents any messages to be shown for player.

/cmi silentchest - toggles silent chest opening.

/cmi sit - sit down where you standing

/cmi skin [skinName/off] (playerName) - Changes players skin

/cmi smite (playerName) - Smite player or block you are looking at.

/cmi socialspy (playerName) - toggles social spy

/cmi sound [sound] (-p:[pitch]) (-v:[volume]) (playerName) (world) (x) (y) (z) - plays sound by players or defined location.

/cmi spawn (playerName) - teleports you or target player to spawn location

/cmi spawner (EntityType) - sets spawner to defined type. If type is not provided, GUI will be opened where you can pick desired type. Player has to have cmi.command.spawner.[entityType] permission node for that

/cmi spawnmob - spawn mob by defined type or additional variables
Code (Text):
First argument always is main entities type name
    - You can define entities states: baby, adult, dumb, tamed, n-[name], upwards, glow, skull-[name], helmet-[itemname], chest-[itemname], legs-[itemname], boots-[itemname], mhand-[itemname], ohand-[itemname], effect-levitation/10/1-speed/10/2. /nExample: horse:baby:tamed:n-Horsy, zombie:skull-Zrips:n-AngryZombie:mhand-Diamond_Sword
    - some entities have special variables:
     Sheep - white, brown, red, rainbow and so on... &6primed_tnt &e- [ticks], incendiary
     Horse - undead, skeleton, mule, donkey, white, chestnut, creamy, darkbrown, gray, black
     Ocelot - red, siamese, wild, black &6experience_orb &e- [number]
     Skeleton - wither, &6Creeper &e- charged &6Wolf &e- angry
     Zombie - villager, blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
     Villager - blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
     Slime, MagmaCube - size by giving number from 1. slime:3
     ArmorStands - nogravity, noplate, arms, noarms, small
     ShulkerBullet - [target], bounce
    - Extra variables:
     ps:zombie:priest:baby-1 - passanger with amount
     hp:20 - health
     sp:3 - spreads randomly entities in range
     s:4 - entities speed
     t:[playername] - target which one entities will atack
     q:10 - amount you want to spawn
     [playername] - spawns entities at players location
     loc:123/13.0/-15/World - spawn location. World name is optional if used as player
    Example: /cmi spawnmob sheep:adult:rainbow ps:chicken:baby:n-Chick_on_Sheep q:10 sp:10 hp:50 s:2

/cmi staffmsg [message] - will send message to staff channel and anyone with access to command will see that message.

/cmi stats (playerName) - shows full list of players statistics

/cmi statsedit (playerName) [add/take/set] [statistic] (subType) [amount] (-s) - Allows to edit players statistics.

/cmi status - shows server current status

/cmi sudo [playerName] (command/c:[text]) - forces player to perform defined command or to send public message

/cmi suicide (playerName) (-s) - Kill your self or target player

/cmi tablistupdate (playerName) - forces tablist update for all players, if name is not provided, or to one of them

/cmi tagtoggle (playerName) - toggle tag in public chat sound on and off

/cmi tfly [playerName] (timeInSec) (-s) - sets players temporary fly mode for defined time.
Code (Text):
   /cmi tfly Zrips 30 - fly mode for next 30 sec
   /cmi tfly Zrips +30 - adds fly mode for  additional 30 sec
   /cmi tfly Zrips 0 - fly mode until relog
   /cmi tfly Zrips - check if player have tfly mode enabled and until when

/cmi tgod [playerName] (timeInSec) (-s) - sets players temporary god mode for defined time

/cmi time - changes server time in world
Code (Text):
/time 13:00:00
/time 1pm
/time 13
/time 7000ticks
/time 1pm Lt_Craft
/time 1pm all
/time add 0:30
/time take 0:30
/time freeze
/time unfreeze
/time realtime
/time autorealtime start/stop

/cmi titlemsg [playerName] [title %subtitle% subtitle] - sends title type message to player

/cmi tmb [title %subtitle% subtitle] - sends title message to all players online

/cmi toggleshiftedit - toggles sign shift edit on and off

/cmi toggletotem - toggles totem cooldowns boss bar on and off

/cmi top (playerName) (-s) - teleports player to top block at his location

/cmi tp [playerName] (playername) - teleports player to target player

/cmi tpa [playerName] (-c) - sends teleport request to players location to that player.
-c will define if you want location to be your current one or when you offered teleport request. Inverts setting in config file and requires cmi.teleport.currentlocation permission node

/cmi tpaall - asks all online players to teleport to your location

/cmi tpaccept (playerName) - accepts teleport request

/cmi tpahere [playerName] (-c) - sends teleport request to your location to target player
-c will define if you want location to be your current one or when you offered teleport request. Inverts setting in config file and requires cmi.teleport.currentlocation permission node

/cmi tpall (playername) - teleports all online players to your location or to target player

/cmi tpallworld [worldname] - teleports all players from defined world, even if they are offline.

/cmi tpbypass (playername) - toggles safe teleportation bypass on and off

/cmi tpdeny (playerName) - deny teleport request from particular player

/cmi tphere [playerName] (playername) - teleports player to target location

/cmi tppos (playerName) [x] [y] [z] (world) (pitch) (yaw) - teleports player to defined location

/cmi tps - shows current server TPS

/cmi tptoggle (playerName) - toggle teleportation access to player

/cmi tempban [playerName] [timeInSec] (reason) (-s) - temporary bans player

/cmi tree (TreeType) - spawn defined tree at location you looking

/cmi unban (playerName) - unbans player

/cmi unbreakable (playerName) (true/false) - make item in hand unbreakable

/cmi uncondense (itemName) - converts blocks into raw form

/cmi unjail [playerName] - releases player from jail

/cmi unloadchunks (-f) - unloads chunks from server memory if possible. -f will perform action instantly while regular one will do it slowly to avoid causing lag spikes

/cmi usermeta [playerName] [add/remove/clear/list/increment] (key) (value) (-s)- set players custom meta to be displayed with help of place holders. PlaceHolderAPI supported. %cmi_user_meta_[key]%
Increment can be used to change number value. In example /cmi usermeta Zrips increment counting +0.5 will result in 0.5, while performing second time will result into 1. Negative numbers can be used to take out value.

/cmi vanish (playerName/list) (on/off) - hides player or shows list of currently online players who has vanish mode enabled

/cmi vanishedit (playerName) - opens vanish mode editor GUI

/cmi version - shows plugin version

/cmi viewrange [range] (playerName) - set view range for target player. ProtocolLib required for this feature.

/cmi voteedit [playerName] [add/set/take/clear] [amount] (-s) - manage players vote count

/cmi votes (playerName) - check your own or target player vote count

/cmi votetop (playerName) - check player top vote list

/cmi walkspeed (playerName) [amount] - sets players walk speed

/cmi warp (warpName) (playerName) - teleports to defined warp. If warp name not defined than warp GUI is opened.

/cmi weather (sun/rain/storm) (lock/duration) (worldName/all) - set weather conditions in particular world
Code (Text):
/sun lock
/sun 120
/sun Lt_Craft

/cmi whowas [playerName] - shows players previous names

/cmi workbench (playerName) - opens workbench GUI for player

/cmi worth (all/blocks/hand) - shows price list of all items in your inventory if prices are set