CMI Kits - Historical

Applied By Loggarific: May 9, 2018 at 3:23 PM

CMI Kits
Kits are created using a GUI.
In this GUI you can:
  • Enable/Disable a kit.
  • Add kit items. (Bottom row is the hotbar).
  • Add armourslot items.
  • Add offhand items.
  • Directly clone your inventory to the kit.

To modify the settings, click the crafting table labeled "settings".
This will open up another GUI in which you can edit:
  • Edit the cool-down in the form of a “Delay”.
  • Kit name (both locally and in config) and description editing.
  • Kit groups and weighting.
    • A player will get access to the highest weighted kit in a group of kits.
  • The item that is displayed in the GUI when the kit is available/unavailable.
  • Exp/Money cost of a kit.
  • Slot of a kit in the /kit GUI.
  • Command run when the kit is used.
  • Conditions for the kit to be used.

  • cmi.kit.[kitName] - allows to use particular kit
  • cmi.kit.bypass.exp - bypass exp requirement
  • - bypass money requirement
  • cmi.kit.bypass.time - bypass time requirement