CMI Kits - Historical

Applied By Zrips: May 9, 2018 at 3:24 PM

CMI Kits
Kits are created using a GUI.
In this GUI you can:
  • Enable/Disable a kit.
  • Add kit items. (Bottom row is the hotbar).
  • Add armour slot items.
  • Add offhand items.
  • Directly clone your inventory to the kit.
Items containing {USERNAME} {DISPLAYNAME} {KITNAME} {WORLDNAME} {RANDOMPLAYER} variables in display name or lore will be replaced automatically to appropriate values when player gets kit.

To modify the settings, click the crafting table labeled "settings".
This will open up another GUI in which you can edit:
  • Edit the cool-down in the form of a “Delay”.
  • Kit name (both locally and in config) and description editing.
  • Kit groups and weighting.
    • A player will get access to the highest weighted kit in a group of kits.
  • The item that is displayed in the GUI when the kit is available/unavailable.
  • Exp/Money cost of a kit.
  • Slot of a kit in the /kit GUI.
  • Command run when the kit is used.
  • Conditions for the kit to be used.

  • cmi.kit.[kitName] - allows to use particular kit
  • cmi.kit.bypass.exp - bypass exp requirement
  • - bypass money requirement
  • cmi.kit.bypass.time - bypass time requirement