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Applied By Nexgan: Jun 4, 2018 at 6:58 PM

DungeonsAndMobs Wiki
DungeonsAndMobs is a plugin, in beta version at the moment, which will soon become available on SpigotMC.org.
For the moment, you can get a copy on my Discord server.

DungeonsAndMobs use an advanced permissions system, that allows you to configure every single permission. You can find it explained in the "files" section.
Here, I will put the default permissions.
Every command: dungeonsandmobs.* or being OP
Every mobs command: dungeonsandmobs.mobs.*
/dam create: dungeonsandmobs.mobs.create
/dam edit <ID>: dungeonsandmobs.mobs.edit

Automatically arranged by the plugin.
You can edit every message.
Here you will be able to edit the plugin's permissions. The player just needs one permission for being able to perform a certain action.
Code (YAML):
every-command: 'dungeonsandmobs.*' #You can do everything
: 'dungeonsandmobs.mobs.*' #Every command regarding mobs
: 'dungeonsandmobs.mobs.create' #Create and edit mobs
: 'dungeonsandmobs.mobs.edit' #Edit mobs