PrisonCore Installation - Historical

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PrisonCore Installation
How to install PrisonCore:

To install the prison core you just need to have skript and all the dependencies, and make sure they are the correct versions for your spigot installation. Once you install skript and the dependencies go into "plugins/Skript/scripts" and upload all the skript files. After that, restart your server. You will see a lot of YAML errors on first startup, this is normal.

If you get errors for YAML when new players will go into SkUtilities config and disable broadcast warnings, these are not an issue, we catch the error and it is used to know when a player (or config) doesn't have a certain value so it can add them.

1.8 Skript + Requirements (Here)
1.9 Skript + Requirements (Here)
1.10 Skript + Requirements (Here)
1.11 Skript + Requirements (Here)
1.12 Skript + Requirements (Here)

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