PrisonCore Commands - Historical

Applied By Tlsslurp: Jun 30, 2018 at 4:38 AM

PrisonCore Commands
Server commands:
/rankup | Allows a user to rankup
/rankupmax | Allows a user to rank up as far as they can.
/prestige | When a player hit's the max level they can prestige
/prisoncore | The main admin command, all admin commands will go under this. This requires the permission pc.admin
/rankadmin | The admin command for setting up/editing rankups. This requires the permission pc.admin.rank
/rankadmin | The admin command for setting up/editing shops and requires the permission
/autosell | Command to auto sell as mining, requires the permission pc.autosell
/sellall | Command to sell items in your inventory

Discord commands:
-stats | Shows users their in game money count
-ip | Sends the server IP in chat
-website | Sends the server website in chat

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