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Spigot Patcher

Spigot Patcher

Patching your Spigot build with the latest changes

Spigot Patcher is a tool that is used to update the last public build #1649 with latest updates.
Spigot updates will come in the form of binary patches. These patches will be issued nightly, based on the day’s current date, and will contain a summary of all changes issued since build #1649.

What are binary patches?(top)

Binary patches are a safe method of distributing and applying updates as they do not contain any copyrighted code, and are something which have been pioneered within the ROMhacking / homebrew community for over twenty years. In order to apply these patches you will need the special Spigot specific tool named “SpigotPatcher”, which you may download from the links below. The patching format is currently based on the beat or BPS-1 specification, however this is subject to change, and as such you should always use the official tool we have provided.


SpigotPatcher 1.0: http://www.spigotmc.org/spigot-updates/SpigotPatcher-1.0.jar (33a73112e1fa90706b96cd02c87b447a)
Spigot-20140909a.bps: http://www.spigotmc.org/spigot-updates/spigot-20140909a.bps
Final Checksum: a08aaa6d7f13b648ddf40801a3343ac8

How to apply the patches(top)

  • Windows

Mac OS X(top)

1. As a prerequisite, install Java 7 or above if you don't have it already [OS X].
2. Download the Spigot Patcher (here) and the patch file (here).
3. Place all of the files in a new directory dedicated to Spigot.
4. Open Terminal and enter your directory you made. For example, you can make a folder called "tmp" in the Downloads folder. To enter the folder in Terminal, type the following:
Code (Text):
cd Downloads/tmp/
5. Now, type into Terminal:
Code (Text):
java -jar SpigotPatcher-1.0.jar spigot-1649.jar spigot-20140909a.bps spigot-patched.jar
6. Congratulations! You successfully applied the Spigot patch! The spigot-patched.jar file will appear in "tmp" after you run the above command.​
  • Linux