CustomGUI Item Configuration Guide - Historical

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CustomGUI Item Configuration Guide
CustomGUI by snadol
Item Configuration Guide
Name: This changes the name of the item in the GUI. Supports PlaceholderAPI, Color Codes, and <Arg>.

Lore: A list of lore to add to the item. Supports PlaceholderAPI, Color Codes, and <Arg>.

Command: The command to run when the item is clicked. Prefix with [console] to run from console. Prefix with [GUI] to open another GUI. Prefix with nothing to run as the clicking player. Supports <Username>, <Arg>. <Arg> will then require you to put a player name in-game in the command, and <Arg> will be replaced with that player name (helpful with punish GUIs, give GUIs, etc). <Username> will be replaced by the player clicking the item.

Slot: (#) The slot number that the item is in

Glow: (true/false) Determines if the item is glowing like it's enchanted or not.