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CloudSystem NEPTUN - Wiki
  • Cloud:
    • Drop the downloaded CloudSystem-NEPTUN[...].jar in a folder.
    • Start the Cloud with the "screen java -jar CloudSystem-NEPTUN[...].jar" command.
    • Enter the IP-adress of your server.
    • It will show you your spigot-name. Setup a password. After it,enter your license-key or press enter to generate one (if you lost it, contact @DevCubeHD).
    • If the websterver doesn´t work setup the port in the generated cloud.propterties file. (If you´re not root, your port must be 1025 or higher)Now you can access webinterface and do anything from there.)
  • Wrapper:
    • Download the wrapper with the "download" command in the Cloud.
    • Drop it in a folder.
    • Start the Wrapper with the "screen java -jar CloudSystemWrapper-NEPTUN[...].jar" command.
    • Enter your cloud-ip and port.
    • The Wrapper will crash. Drop a downloaded spigot.jar (has to be called like this) in wrapper/servers/.
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