PrisonRanksX - Historical

Applied By TheGaming999: Oct 6, 2018 at 6:46 AM

Plugin Options:
prestige-enabled: true

If you want prestige ranks to be handled by PrisonRanksX you can disable this if you want to other plugin such as EzPrestiges
customrankslist: false
- "&6 > $1000"

If you want to use a custom list for you ranks instead of using the default format

customlist-paginate: true
customlist-paginate-items: 9
customlist-paginate-firstline: "&3Ranks &7[<<] &a%currentpage% &9of &a%totalpages% &7[>>]"

1. If you want to have unlimited pages for the customlist
2. How many ranks to be shown per pages
3. Customlist ranks page format

forcedisplay: true

If you want to show the rank display before your name without using the placeholders {pranks} / {pranksdisplay}

- "&aPrestige-I"
- "&bPrestige-II"

This will show once you do /prestiges otherwise you can use GUI Prestige List that supports unlimited pages
defaultlist-beginline: "&8&m+----------------------------------+"
defaultlist-endline: "&8&m+----------------------------------+"
defaultlistformat: "%ranklistdisplay% &8[>>] %ranklistnextdisplay% %moneysymbol%&f%ranknextcost_formatted%"
defaultlist-paginate: true
defaultlist-paginate-items: 9
defaultlist-paginate-firstline: "&aRanks &7[<<] &e%currentpage% &9of &e%totalpages% &7[>>]"
defaultlist-completedrank-checker: true
defaultlist-completedrank-rankformat: "&7[%ranklist%]&r"
defaultlist-completedrank-rankupformat: "&7[%ranklistnext%]&r"
defaultlist-completedrank-rankupcostformat: "&bCompleted"
defaultlist-moneysymbol: "&c$"

1.The line to be shown before ranks list
2.The line to be shown after ranks list
3.Default list format , customranks list must be disabled these placeholders can be used in that format: %ranklist%, %ranklistdisplay%, %ranklistnext%, %ranklistnextdisplay%, %moneysymbol%, %ranknextcost%, %ranknextcost_formatted%

4. If you want to have unlimited pages for the ranks list
5. How many ranks to be shown in one page
6. If defaultlist-paginate = true then this will show before the ranks list
7. Shows a custom format if you passed the ranks before
8. N
9. N
10. N
11. This should be used to replace the symbol with "nothing" in the ranks list
Needs a remake tho.
hologramrankup: true
hologramformat: "&6%player% &3Ranked Up To &c%rankup%"
hologram-removetime: 5
hologram-multilines: true
hologram-height: 4
- "&6%player%"
- "&b&kii&3Ranked Up To&b&kii"
- "&e&l%rankup%"

Depends on: HolographicDisplays
1. Enable this options to show a hologram above your head once you rankup, this happens in /rankup only
2. How hologram will look like above your head hologram-multilines must be disabled
3. The time by seconds the hologram should stay above your head
4. If you want to use multi-lined hologram you must enable this to cancel using default hologram format.
5. The "Y" location for the hologram
6. Shows a multi-lined hologram above your head hologram-multlines must be enabled "true".

allworlds-broadcast: false

If this is set to true it will skip [disabled]worlds list and sends broadcast messages to every world
autoforcedisplay-space: true

Automatically add a space after the rank display so you don't have to make the rank display like this "&7[A] &7"
send-rankupmsg: true

If this is set to false the default rankup msg will be disabled so you can use actionbar or something else. on rankup commands "execute-cmds" or msg[], or broadcast[]

USE-UUID: true

This is recommended if you have a premium server. so if someone changes his name in minecraft website he will not lose his rank,prestige



If you want to use GUI List instead of chat list.

prestigesound-name: "LEVEL_UP" #keep empty to disable
prestigesound-volume: 1.0
prestigesound-pitch: 1.0
rankupsound-name: "LEVEL_UP"
rankupsound-volume: 1.0
rankupsound-pitch: 1.0

Sounds to be played after you rankup,prestige up