Setup - Historical

Applied By SystemEncryption: Nov 25, 2018 at 12:51 AM


Code (Text):
[SIZE=4][LEFT]    Info: “You will need to set the spawn point for players to
            teleport to if they delete an Island, kicked from an
            Island, or banned from an Island.”
    Notice: “The spawn point cannot be set in an Island world.”
    Command: /island admin setspawn
    Permission: skyblock.admin.setspawn
    Info: “You can add materials and choose how many points
            can be earned from them. Rather than editing from
            the ‘levelling.yml’ configuration file, you can add/
            remove materials and set their points from a menu.”
    Command: /island admin level
    Permission: skyblock.admin.level
    Info: “Rather than using any dependencies, you can
            create structure formats with the plugin. To do so,
            using the structure tool select two positions of an
            area then, stand inside the area at a spawn position
            and save which will save the blocks and entities in
            the area you selected.”
    Command: /island admin structure
    Permission: skyblock.admin.structure.*
    Info: “If you make any changes to the configuration files
            in the plugins data folder, it is best you reload
            using the plugins reload command.”
    Command: /island admin reload
    Permission: skyblock.admin.reload