Jul 27, 2018
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    Plugin Link:

    Author Information: This plugin has been developed by @Upd4ting ( from the release date to 17/06/18 and is now maintained by @BGHDDevelopment.


    Default Config Files:
    Link coming soon!

    Setup Guide:
    Login to spigot and purchase the plugin
    Download BedWars.jar
    Download the dependencies (Spigot 1.8/1.11 and ProtocolLib)
    Drop the world you want to use and call it 'BedwarsWorld'
    Start the plugin
    Connect on the server and type the command /game config start
    You will have items that let you configure spawns/beds/lobby/generator/shop npc/upgrade npc and so on! (Read the description of these items to see how to use them)
    Type the command /game config stop when you have finished
    Enjoy the plugin ;)

    Pease note: If you get a error with
    [BedWars] Loading config config.yml...
    [BedWars] Failed to load the world...aboarding

    Please set the game world in the config.yml

    Commands and Permissions:
    /game start: Start the game with countdown
    /game forcestart: Start the game without countdown
    /game config start/stop: Start/stop config mode!
    /game revive <playerName>: Revive a player!
    /stat <playerName>: See the stat of a player!

    Permission: game.admin
    This permission let you see the spectator chat, give you access to /game command, you can also talk with the players that are in the game when you're a spectator.

    Default players don't need any permissions!

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