Jul 22, 2018
  • BGHDDevelopment Battle Royale Wiki
    Plugin Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/54436/

    Author Information: This plugin has been developed by @Upd4ting (https://upd4ting.net/) from the release date to 17/06/18 and is now maintained by @BGHDDevelopment.

    WARNING: For the bus system and parachute system to work correctly you need to put that value in your spigot.yml: moved-too-quickly-threshold: 1000.0

    Setup Guide:
    Simple Guide:

    Bungeecord: Once you joined the server, do /game config bungee to configure the parameters of the game.

    MultiArena: First, you need a world that you will use for your arena.
    Do /game createworld <name> to create or load a world.
    Then do /game create <arenaname> <worldname>.
    Now you need to create the related sign to be able to join this arena
    Now just right click on the sign and then do /game config <arenaname> to configure this arena as you want.

    Detailed Guide:
    Coming Soon

    Default Config Files:
    Coming Soon

    /game createworld <worldname>: Create or load a world. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game create <arenaname> <worldname>: Create an arena. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game config <arenaname>: Configure an arena. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game remove <arenaname>: Remove an arena. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game list: List all the arenas. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game start: Start a game when in the arena. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game forcestart: Forcestart a game when in the arena. (Permission: game.admin)
    /game help: Display the help command. (No permission needed)
    /game leave: Leave an arena. (No permission needed)

    GameCloseEvent: Called when a game close.
    GameCountdownEvent: Called when countdown in a game.
    GameDamageEvent: Called when a player takes damages in a game.
    GameDieEvent: Called when a player dies in a game.
    GameJoinEvent: Called when a player joins a game.
    GameLeaveEvent: Called when a player leaves a game.
    GameLoseEvent: Called when a player loses a game.
    GameRejoinEvent: Called when a player rejoins a game.
    GameSpawnEvent: Called when a player spawns in the game. Usually at the start of the game or respawn.
    GameStartEvent: Called when a game is started.
    GameWinEvent: Called when a team wins a game.

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