BookMenu - All properties and their values

Jan 20, 2020
BookMenu - All properties and their values
  • Sets a command that will be executed by clicking this text
    - command: "cmd"

    Specifies whether the command will be performed from player or from server console
    - console: true / false

    Text that will be shown when user moves the cursor over the text
    - hover: "This is hover text!"

    Opens a book with specified id for the player. The book id is equal to filename without .yml
    - open: "book_id"

    Opens a specified book page. Useful for large books.
    - page: 2

    Link that will be opened on click
    - url: ""

    Send player to other server of your Bungeecord Network
    - server: "lobby"

    Permission to see and click the entry. (See below paremeters for more)

    - permission: ""

    Text for player who don't have entry permission
    - alt-perm-text: "You shall not pass!"

    Same as above, but now it's hover text
    - alt-perm-hover: "Hover, hover, hover"

    These too are equal to their analogues above, but for money on player balance
    - alt-money-text: "Text, text"
    - alt-money-hover: "You need more gold!"
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