Bossraid - Config

Sep 6, 2018
Bossraid - Config
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    The config should look like this:
    Code (Text):
    message-prefix: '&7[&6Bossraid&7]'
    bossraid-name-exists: '&4A Bossraid with that name already exists.'
    bossraid-create-success: '&aA bossraid with the name %name% has been created.'
    bossraid-not-found: '&4Bossraid not found.'
    waitingarea-location-set: '&aWaiting area location has been set.'
    waitingarea-location-error: '&4You must have a world edit selection and stand on a
      solid block.'
    canceltp-location-set: '&aLocation has been set.'
    bossspawn-location-set: '&aBoss spawn location has been set.'
    playerspawn-location-set: '&aPlayer spawn location has been set.'
    boss-type-error: '&4There is no MythicMob entity with that type.'
    boss-type-success: '&aBoss type successfully set.'
    bossraid-toggle-success: '&aBossraid has been %state%.'
    bossraid-toggle-error: '&4This bossraid cannot be enabled yet.'
    bossraid-reward-set: '&aReward has been set for this bossraid.'
    waiting-area-enter: '&aYou have entered the %bossraid% bossraid waiting area.'
    waiting-area-leave: '&aYou have left the %bossraid% bossraid waiting area.'
    bossraid-countdown-start: '&6&lThe %bossraid% bossraid countdown has started!'
    bossraid-countdown-broadcast: '&6&lThe %bossraid% bossraid will begin in %time% seconds.'
    bossraid-start: '&6&lThe %bossraid% bossraid has started!'
    bossraid-win: '&6&l%player% did the most damage in the %bossraid% bossraid!'
    bossraid-reset-countdown-over: '&6&lThe %bossraid% bossraid is now off cooldown.'
    gui-title: '&6%bossraid% bossraid participants.'
    cannot-use-command: '&4Cannot use commands while in bossraid!'
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