Jul 27, 2019
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    PlayerShops GUI

    PlayerShops GUI is the most playerfriendly shop plugin.
    Using this plugin players will be able to create their own virtual shop, where they can sell their items. They will be able to browse around in a public shop listing, check out other shops and purchase items from other players.

    Everything works with an intuitive inventory GUI - basically zero commands required!

    PlayerShops is a BossShopPro addon. It requires BossShopPro in order to work.

    Players are able to create their own shop with a simple button.

    Next they can add items from their inventory by simply clicking them and entering a price in chat.

    Now as soon as they press the "Save" button, their shop will become public and other players can purchase the items. One big GUI lists all available shops - sorted by permissions or other configurable settings.

    • Super easy and intuitive to use
    • No need to invest time in configuration: Everything ready to be instantly used (Everything is configurable if you want to customize the plugin though)
    • Allows players to create their own public shop and sell their items
    • Supported currencies: Money (works with Vault), Points and Exp
    • Storing ALL item data, not missing anything
    • Shop listing GUI of all available shops
      • Configurable shop ranking
      • Sort shops after permissions
      • Allow players to rent a better listing spot for money
      • Optionally show shops of online players only
    • Players can purchase additional shop slots
    • Allow players to give their shops an own name
    • Take taxes from purchases
    • Item price maximum and minimum
    • Item blacklist
    • Sign support
    • Online players are notified when something from their shop is purchased: One message is sent at the end of a shop visit, rather than a message for each purchase
    • Shopicons
      • Every shop has an icon
      • Optional: Use playerheads as icons (They need to refresh every time the shoplist is opened though)
      • Either allow players to select an icon themself or choose icons depending on the size of a shop
    • The look of every item and component of the GUI can be modified
    • All messages and texts are configurable
    Example sign (gives direct access to the shop of a player; optional):
    View attachment 194028

    Project page: Link


    ItemShops allows you to create fancy item shops with minimum effort.
    Using BossShopPro this plugin generates wonderful shops buy- and sellshops out of some basic data.

    • Generate fancy item shops
    • Players can choose between Buy, Fill Inventory, Sell and Sell All (Selling/buying can optionally be deactivated)
    • Choose between an advanced shop style or a simple one
    • Infinite different shops can be created and combined with BossShopPro shops
    • Supporting enchantments, potioneffect and other special items
    • The look of every item and the shops can be modified
    • Minimum effort to set things up

    Advanced style

    Simple style

    Advanced style & selling disabled

    When ItemShops is loaded for the first time it generates a configuration file and an example shop that is imported into '/plugins/BossShopPro/shops'. That shop can be opened with the command '/itemshop'.

    Project page: Link

    GuiShopManager allows opening inventory shop/menu GUIs by clicking an item in the players inventory. It is a BossShopPro Addon.

    • Open a BossShopPro GUI when clicking a specific item
    • Supports all kind of items that BossShopPro supports (including placeholders)
    • Set the location of the Items in the inventory of your players
    • Different optional settings
    • You can bind commands/playercommands to items too
    • Multiworld support

    JoinDelay: When players join, GSM will wait the given time (in ticks) until the items are given
    AllowPlaceItems: Allows to place the Items
    AllowDropItems: Allows to drop the Items
    AllowMoveItems: Allows to move the Items in the inventory
    AcceptLeftClick: Executes action when player uses leftclick with item in hand
    DropItemsOnDeath: If false, the player won't drop the Items on death
    GetItemsOnRespawn: Gives the Items when the player respawns
    ClearInvOnJoin: Clears the players inventory on join before the GSM items are added (Useful for Lobby servers)
    ClearInvOnWorldChange: Clears the players inventory when he teleports into an other world (GSM Items restricted to other worlds will be cleared anyways)


    Project page: Link


    This plugin uses your Essentials (or EssentialsX) configuration files to create very playerfriendly and intuitive chest GUI menus.

    Using this plugin players will be able to preview your Essentials Kits (including all items) and purchase or receive them with one simple click.

    If you enable the warp GUI players will be able to see a fancy list of all possible warps and teleport to them by simply clicking the warp icon they want.

    EssentialsGUI is a BossShopPro addon. It requires BossShopPro and Essentials or EssentialsX in order to work.

    • Super easy and intuitive to use
    • No need to invest time in configuration: Everything ready to be instantly used (Everything is configurable if you want to customize the plugin though)
    • Sign support
    • Supports both Essentials and EssentialsX
    Kits GUI
    • Automatic creation of kit menu, where all kits are listed (optional: Only show kits owned by the player)
    • Kits can be previewed and directly taken if available and owned
    • You can define what players will see if they don't own the kit. Maybe explain how to purchase the kit?

    Warps GUI

    (Colored warp icons and different durability using the '%warpid% placeholder')
    (Warp icons without real variation)

    • Automatic listing of all available Essentials warps in one neat GUI menu (Optional: Only show warps located in the same world as the player)
    • Players can click the warp icons to teleport
    • Warp delays, prices, required permissions etc. still depend on your Essentials settings: Everything handled as if players would manually enter the warp command
    Obviously because the creation of warp icons is automated, you can not give every warp a custom look, but instead all warp icons have the same setup. You can add some differences using placeholders like '%warpid%', however if you want a fancy warp menu, where every warp icon fits to its destination, an automated warp GUI is nothing for you. Then instead you can create your very own warp menu using BossShopPro and pick custom looks for every warp yourself.

    Project page: Link


    This BossShopPro Addon adds supports for a third currency, which can be used in shops.


    • Allows to work with additional economy plugins
    • Supports all Points plugins that are supported by BossShopPro (Missing one? Just message me!)
    • The player balance can be displayed with a new placeholder (The name of that placeholder can be defined in the config)
    • Configurable messages
    • Allows adding support for an unlimited amount of points plugins NEW!


    Project page: Link

    This BossShopPro Addon allows to limit the amount of uses of items by adding a new type of condition.


    • Adds a new conditions:
      • "uses" - Conditions based on the amount of previous purchases
      • "cooldown" - Give items a purchase-cooldown (in seconds)
    • Placeholders:
      • %uses% - Displays the amount of previous uses
      • %uses_<shop name>:<shopitem name>% - Displays amount of uses of a specific shopitem anywhere
      • %cooldown_<shop name>:<shopitem name>% - Displays remaining cooldown time of a specific shopitem anywhere
    • Super lightweight

    Project page: Link


    This BossShopPro Addon makes creating shops way faster by simple tricks.
    Many of your shopitems have a similar structure but you need to write the whole structure for every single one? Not anymore!

    TrickyShops allows you to create predefined layouts of shopitems that include your own variables. Now all you need to do to create a new shopitem is select the right layout and enter the values of the variables.


    • Helps you save lots of time
    • You can create infinite own shopitem layouts
    • Create complex shopitems with minimum effort and configuration after setting up the corresponding layouts
    • Simple and basic system

    Sounds complicated? Well, it works really quick once you understand it. I'll show you an example:

    These items were created with following configuration:

    Code (Text):
        Layout: layout_simple
        Item: 'LOG:64:1'
        Price: '30'
        Name: 'Dark Log'
        Layout: layout_simple
        Item: 'DIAMOND_PICKAXE:1:0'
        Price: '75'
        Name: 'Diamond Pickaxe'
    More details can be found on the project page.

    Project page: Link

    Citizens Intergration
    This addon allows you to link shops to NPC's works for both pro and normal you can find it here

    More Addons
    Shop examples and more addons (created by other developers) can be found here.
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