BossShopPro - FAQ and help

Nov 27, 2018
BossShopPro - FAQ and help
  • Important note related to support and questions (last updated November 27th 2018)
    Due to work and studying I am not able to grant manual support to every user of my plugins anymore. In the past I used to manually reply to every single PM and to every forum message I have received, but that is no longer possible for me. The following screenshot shows my steadily growing messages inbox, from which I read a lot of messages every week:

    As result I decided to do following (temporarily):
    • No longer accept feature requests (except they can be implemented extremely quickly and are very convenient for many plugin users)
    • Collect frequently asked questions on this page and send people to it, whenever they ask one of the common questions
    • Extremely appreciate people and developers, which use some of their time, to help out users of my plugins (@Instantout)
    If you should have critical issues with BossShopPro, the most reliable way to contact me is my mail [email protected]. Non-critical mails will be ignored.
    Also if you see questions within the BSP discussions thread you can answer, why not spend a few minutes and help your fellow out?

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    "I can not get spawneggs to work"
    (solution for mob spawners is similar)
    Simply use "monsteregg:<mob id/name>" and install SilkSpawners, like described here:

    "My players are able to take items out of the GUI"

    I'm pretty sure that's not a general bug but either a problem with your setup or an other plugin is conflicting with BSP: There have been a few dupe reports within the past years and all of them have been proven "invalid" so far. Here is a short list of some possible explanations:
    1. The items are "ghost items" and can not be used by the players. Ghost items are items the player client thinks exist but the server does not. They can be created abusing glitches related to the player client and have nothing to do with the plugin. As the server does not recognize these items they can not be used by the player (except he has explicit permissions, as described in 2. and 3.).
    2. The player is in creative mode (or switches to creative mode while having ghost items). Players in creative mode in general have the permission to spawn any item (except prevented by other plugins). In that case the server detects ghost items as items "the client wants to spawn" and accepts them.
    3. The players testing the issue have op permissions which makes them able to spawn any item
    4. You use a plugin conflicting with BSP: It interferes with the BSP inventory item click event and somehow gives the players the item although BSP cancels the item click event. When players click a BSP gui the item click event is cancelled in any case. The only reason players are able to take items can be other plugins interferring with the event handling of BSP. To find out if that's the case you can remove other plugins step by step and check if the issue remains.
    In case you are not able to solve the issue simply send me a PM with more details (best would be a video demonstrating the issue or steps to reproduce it).

    "The plugin does not do anything and when I enter a command nothing happens"
    It seems like BossShopPro is not started properly. Most likely it disabled itself due to dependencies missing. Try following the steps below until you find out the root of the problem. Chances are you can quickly solve the issue yourself after you know their cause.
    1. Check whether BSP is disabled or enabled after starting the server using the "/plugins" command.
    2. Open the "plugins/BossShopPro/BugFinder.yml" file for more information. All issues that BSP can detect are logged here, like for example missing dependencies.
    3. Check the console/log file for error messages
    4. Check the console/log file for warnings

    "I am not able to add item with material xy to the shop"
    Make sure to use the proper material name. The BossShopPro Configure setup tool has an inbuilt material name auto-completion and you can also use the Spigot Javadocs to search for material names.

    "Some PlaceholderAPI variables do not work"
    First of all make sure PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) is installed. PAPI does not provide all placeholders out of the box, but instead you can download PAPI expansions based on your needs. If you want to use a certain PAPI placeholder, install the corresponding PAPI expansion using the "/papi ecloud" command.

    "Is there any way to make a shop close after an item was clicked?"
    Yes, this is possible using "CloseShopAfterPurchase: true/false" as described here.

    "ItemShops - How can I add a custom back button to my ItemShops shop?"
    ItemShops shops can be combined with regular BossShopPro shops:
    Code (Text):
    ShopName: CombinedShop
        Worth: 3.0
        - type:STONE
        - amount:64
        RewardType: shop
        Reward: menu
        PriceType: nothing
        - type:CHEST
        - name:&9&l&nMenu
        - 'lore:&7Go back to the main Menu.'
        Message: ''
        InventoryLocation: 50
        ExtraPermission: ''
    That way you can add any kind of shopitems, including back buttons, to your ItemShops shop.

    Note: By default when your shopitems do not fit into one GUI page, an other page is added and BSP automatically provides navigation items to navigate between the different pages. Those navigation items can be edited in your "BossShopPro/pagelayout.yml" file, or even completely disabled. The default pagelayout.yml contains a "Menu" button which brings players to your main menu. You can remove/modify that button if you do not want it.

    "Is there a placeholder for vanilla item names?"
    Check out for a list of all placeholders. Using "%material%" plus having the plugin LanguageUtils installed will result in vanilla item names.

    "How can I sell items that have a special name/lore only? I want that players need diamonds with a certain lore."
    Simply check out for more information about that topic.

    "How can I create multiple shop pages?"
    First of all, there are two possible approaches:
    1. Having multiple shops, that are connected with each other via buttons
    2. Having one shop with multiple pages
    1. Having multiple shops, that are connected with each other via buttons
    • Create multiple different shops
    • Connect them with buttons: Make a shop lead to an other shop by adding a shopitem with "RewardType: shop" and "Reward: <other shop name>"
    2. Having one shop with multiple pages
    Either add more items to a shop, than one inventory GUI can handle or set the inventory location of a shopitem to something bigger than54 (last possible slot of one inventory gui page). This will result in the current shop not being big enough to handle your shopitems. As result BossShopPro will generate additional pages, to handle your shopitems and to fit them all. BossShopPro will automatically add a "menu bar" to your shop, which allows players to navigate through the different pages. The look and functionality of the menu bar is defined in the "plugins/BossShopPro/pagelayout.yml" file and can be customized.

    "How can I remove command aliases?"

    The plugin.yml file, I modified in the video, is contained within the BossShopPro.jar. Therefor you need a tool (like 7Zip), which allows opening the jar file like a folder and modifying the content of a jar file.

    "How can I add special items, like crate keys of a crate plugin, to a shop?"
    This depends on the plugin which is responsible for the special items you want to add to a shop. In most cases it is enough, to simply "recreate" the special items in BSP: Giving them the correct material, durability, name and lore. You can use the command "/shop read", to let BSP automatically extract the neccessary ItemData to recreate an item.
    Some plugins even directly provide BSP support, or provide a BSP addon, which adds support for their special items. Example: MythicMobs BSP Addon.

    "I get an error message which contains the line Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.milkbowl.vault.economy.Economy"
    The error message indicates that the plugin Vault is not installed properly. It is a required dependency if you use the BSP RewardTypes "money", "permission" or the BSP PriceType "money".
    In general "ClassNotFoundExceptions" show, that a certain required class (usually from a BossShopPro dependency) was not found. This for example can also be the case, if you use PriceType "money", but have no economy plugin installed.

    "Is it possible to show different items to different players, based on their permissions?"
    That's possible using conditions.

    "Can I use multiple currencies?"
    Yes you can. Using plain BossShopPro you can use one Vault-supported currency (money) and one points currency (like PlayerPoints).
    Additionally using the addon ThirdCurrency, you can add support for an unlimited amount of additional points currencies.
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