Jul 28, 2019
  • Where can I use placeholders?
    • Messages in messages.yml file
    • ShopItems
      • MenuItem / Price item / Reward item
        • Name
        • Lore
        • Skull owner
      • Commands if RewardType is command/playercommand/opcommand
      • Shop name / shop page if RewardType is shop / shoppage
      • Message
    • Maybe in a few more places

    Placeholders can NOT be used as item amount or item material type.

    Supported placeholders:

    Code (Text):
    %player% - Player Name
    %name% - Player Name
    %displayname% - Displayname of the player
    %balance% - Players amount of money
    %balancepoints% - Players amount of points
    %world% - The name of the world the player is currently in
    %itemname% - The displayname of the related item
    %amount% - The amount of the MenuItem
    %material% - The material name of the MenuItem (uses Vanilla names if you use the Language Utils library)
    %item_in_hand% - The item in the players main hand. Plain material name: Useful for conditions.

    %shop% - The name of the related shop
    %shopdisplayname% - The displayname of the related shop
    %page% - The current shop page the player is viewing (Tip: Use this in inventory titles)
    %maxpage% - The highest page of the current shop

    %shopitemname% - The name of the related item
    %price% - Shows the price of the related shopitem (Even lists of items are well displayed here)
    %reward% - Shows the reward of the related shopitem(Even lists of items are well displayed here)

    %left% - Can be used in the Shopitem purchase message and displays what players have left from the pricetype after their purchase. In case of "PriceType: money" the placeholder would display the players new balance.

    %input% - Latest input of the player. Check out -> Advanced options for more details about player input.
    Supporting infinitely more placeholders because of PlaceholderAPI support (Automatically detected)

    NOTE: When working with PlaceholderAPI placeholders make sure to set up PlaceholderAPI correctly!

    Symbols (can be used everywhere aswell):
    Code (Text):
    [<3] -> ❤
    [*] -> ★
    [] -> ✹
    [o] -> ●
    [v] -> ✔
    [+] -> ♦
    [x] -> ✦
    [%] -> ♠
    [%%] -> ♣
    [radioactive] -> ☢
    [peace] -> ☮
    [moon] -> ☾
    [crown] -> ♔
    [note] -> ♩
    [snowman] -> ☃
    [tools] -> ⚒
    [swords] -> ⚔
    [warn] -> ⚠
    [left] -> ←
    [right] -> →
    [up] -> ↑
    [down] -> ↓
    [block] -> █
    [and] -> &
    [colon] -> :
    [hashtag] -> #
    Sidenote: You can put basically any UTF-8 character/symbol into BossShopPro configuration files and shops (as long as the character is supported by your minecraft client). The symbol placeholders provided here are just there to make things easier.

    If you put hashtags in the lore of items they by default result in a linebreak. If you want to display the hashtag or need it for a placeholder simply use "[hashtag]" to prevent it from causing a linebreak.

    Find out more about Serverpinging and related placeholders here.

    Besides normal placeholders, BossShopPro supports calculations in text: Put everything that you want to be calculated in following brackets: '{ }'. You can put placeholders, plain numbers etc. in calculation brackets. PlaceholderAPI placeholders are of course supported aswell.

    Code (Text):
    This simple calculation will instantly be transformed into 10.

    Code (Text):
    This will display the players balance times 4 and will be updated whenever the shop is refreshed.

    You may not use calculations as "Reward" or "Price". If you want reward or price to adapt to the player work with Multipliers (Configuration -> config.yml).

    Note: Only simple calculations are supported so far. Calculating with brackets '(10+5)*2' is not supported yet. Following operators are supported:

    • +
    • -
    • *
    • /
    • ^
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