Broadcast+ - Skript

Jul 6, 2020
Broadcast+ - Skript
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    Hi, welcome on Broadcast+ Wiki page!
    If you haven't already downloaded and started using my Skript, try it now maybe you will like it that much, that you will use it every day (yeah, some servers are using my skript this often).

    How to start using my Skript(top)

    1. Download it from here with that blue button on right top with text Download Now (

    2. Download Skript from here (download latest release, do not download Pre-release!) (

    3. Download SkQuery from here (it will work only at versions from latest to 1.9) (

    4. Place Skript and SkQuery downloaded files in /plugins folder on your server and restart it.

    5. After restart open /skript/scripts folder in /plugins folder on your server and place there downloaded file Broadcast+ (you can delete all files starting with - in that folder because they are disabled by default).

    6. Restart your server or type in chat (or console) /sk reload all and it will load that script.

    7. You can start using my script, thank you for downloading and using my script and please do not forget to write a five star review on my script's Spigot page, thank you!

    :coffee: If you need any help you can PM me or use my GitHub page :coffee:
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