Web Interface Documentation

Jun 30, 2017
Web Interface Documentation
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    Bungee Admin Tools - Web Interface

    How to update ?(top)

    Currently, there is no "nice" updater system. You have to grab the last version and replace your current file with the ones in the archive. If you have modified any files and don't want to reapply the mods to the new files, just compare the file from the old and the new version, if they're the same, there's no need to copy them.
    Unless it's clearly indicated, there's no need to redo the install proccess, so you can directly delete the __install folder.


    Version 1.6 (22/03/2015) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9sj3gg9ng01jss/BAT-WebInterface1.6.zip?dl=1
    Version 1.5 (18/02/2015) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6vgwg5mnse2jcl/bat-webinterface-1.5.zip?dl=0
    Version 1.4 (24/12/2014 : merry christmas !) -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/vq3fg0yafmhygwy/bat-webinterface-1.4.zip?dl=0
    Version 1.3 (9/10/2014) -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ln5rqwrnl1ahz7/bat_webinterface_v1.3.zip?dl=0
    Version 1.2 -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx9uphjsat6nx8w/bat_webinterface_v1.2.zip?dl=0
    Version 1.1 -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/yt0f1bvatajkt6k/bat_webinterface_v1.1.zip?dl=0
    Version 1.0 -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpp74qjpxyjrkg3/bat_webinterface_v1.0.zip?dl=0

    Repository link : https://github.com/alphartdev/BAT-WebInterface

    Setup the webinterface(top)

    Requirements : a webserver with PHP and the PDO extension installed
    First you will uncompress the archive file you just downloaded above, in the folder you want the webinterface to be setup in (for your information, the default root web folder is /var/www/ on linux). Then go to the "__install" folder with your webbrowser and follow the differents steps. Once everything is done (database is configured and you have created your account), you need to delete the "__install" folder for security reason.
    After you delete it, just go to the root of the bat folder with your web browser (index.php) and VoilĂ , you have a nice working webinterface !

    Frequently Asked Questions(top)

    • Question : I have a problem with the installation, what do I need to do ?
      • You should read the instructions above and try again from the beginning if it has failed the first time. If it's definitely not working, that's not a problem just come the BAT discussion page (link in the main BAT wiki) and you'll receive the help you need.
    • Question : I don't really like the blue-orange design, how can I change it ?
      • Fine, let's open the base-style.css file into the public/css folder. Here search for a line like this : "/* 2nd part => Below this line, the CSS may include color into the design */". Once you found it, delete all the lines below this line, and you should get Bootstrap basic color, it may require some tweakings.
      Question : Why comments are not showed in the profile view of non-auth user whereas warning are showed ?
      • Comments were designed to be an tool for intrastaff communication whereas warnings have an additional function : alert the player about something related to him. From this point of sight, I think it's better to hide the comments to non auth user. However if you want to display these much talked about comments to non-auth user, go in the application/views/profile/viewprofile.php file, search this portion of code : "if($comment['type'] == "NOTE") {continue;}" and remove it.
    • Question: I've lost my panel password, how can I recover it?
      • It's a bit complicated, but here are the steps.
        • First, you must create a salt which is 16 characters-long. A salt is just a random string so take whatever string you want (you can use a password generator to generate it) and take the first 16 characters.
          Once you got your salt, you're going to hash (with SHA-512) it with your password.
          Let's take an example, if your password is "123456789" and your salt is "686f0e2655859187", just concatenate the two and it will give you a string like that : "123456789686f0e2655859187".
          Enter this string on this website : http://www.miniwebtool.com/sha512-hash-generator/, click on the button to generate the hash and then copy the result, that's your hashed password.
        • Once you've done that, go in your database and insert an row with these data :
          id: let it empty
          user: yourUsername
          password: your hashed password you just copied from the website above
          salt: your salt
          superuser: 1

          In order to achieve that, if you're using MySQL console, look at the internet there are tons of tutorials about SQL language. Otherwise if you use PHPMyAdmin, just go in the database and browse to the bat_web table. There should be a button called "Insert", just click on it and insert the data as described above.
          Finally, I have to warn you : if the installation process has not worked, there is an issue with your browser or your webserver (or maybe BAT code) and the webinterface may not work properly even if you manage to create an accout with the manual way.

    Known issues and how to fix them(top)

    • Random white pages while browsing on the webinterface
      • In order to display the error, you need to go into the config.inc.php file and set $debugMode to true. Now, you've to reload the white page and some errors should display. Look at the items below, it's likely that one of them corresponds to your error. Otherwise just post a message on BAT topic.
    • Getting an error like this one : "Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted"
      • You should set the $increaseMemoryLimit setting to true
    • Getting an error like this one : "It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function."
    • Getting an error looking like this one "Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object"
      • You either misinstalled PDO (an extension required to communicate with MySQL), you did something wrong when setting up your webinterface or you have a problem with your database. To learn more about what's going on turn on debugMode in config.inc.php

    Servers using the WebInterface (thanks to them for their agreements to having a link to their website there)(top)

    Screenshots :(top)

    Profile view of an administrator

    Profile view of an unauth user

    Ban list (same design for the others punishment lists)

    Autocompletion support for player's profile.
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