BungeeCord FAQ

May 13, 2016
BungeeCord FAQ
  • BungeeCord FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about BungeeCord

    What is BungeeCord?(top)

    BungeeCord is a standalone application that connects Minecraft server together (a proxy). It allows players to switch between servers within a greater network of servers all accessed through one IP or domain and usually by the use of a Hub server. This lets players switch between very different experiences all connected to the same place. e.g Hunger Games to Free-build. This allows server owners to isolate different parts due to them being different servers. This makes maintenance easier as only a small aspect of the greater network has to go down at any one time should it need to restart etc. instead of the entire server going offline and all players being kicked. It also allows the pooling of resources of many machines into a greater server that would be impossible without linking what the different computers are running together essentially creating the backbone of the largest servers around. Note: This is NOT a server it only links servers that are already online. More info in the about section.

    How do I use / run BungeeCord?(top)

    Simply run the .jar file in the same way as you would for bukkit or spigot. This will generate config and data files. Refer to the Wiki for config assistance.

    Do I need a dedicated server to run BungeeCord?(top)

    No, however one is highly recommended.

    Does restarting BungeeCord restart or effect the servers it connects?(top)

    No, however all players connected to the servers through the proxy (Bungee) will be disconnected / kicked with the message "Proxy restarting". All those connected directly (bypassing the proxy / Bungee) will be unaffected as the servers remain online. Note: Connecting without going through the proxy makes you invisible to the proxy and therefore you are unable to run any bungee commands. This stops you switching between servers etc.

    Can I use Bungee with interfaces such as Multicraft that are offered by my hosting company?(top)

    Yes, on the condition they allow custom jar files. Then just run your BungeeCord.jar as your custom jar as opposed to the usual Bukkit or Spigot.

    How do I install plugins for Bungee?(top)

    Bungee plugins fall into 2 categories. That that is intended to be placed in the plugins folder in your Bungee server. Called Bungee Proxy Plugins. And plugins you place in your normal plugin folder in your directory with Bukkit / Spigot. Called Bungee Bukkit Plugins.

    I get an error about using a "JCE cipher" and no native code compression support.(top)

    All these errors are safe to ignore. Typically, this means you are not using 64-bit Debian or Ubuntu.

    Can I run BungeeCord behind another BungeeCord?(top)

    No. This configuration is unsupported and breaks many things.
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