BungeeCord IP Forwarding

Jun 27, 2018
BungeeCord IP Forwarding
  • BungeeCord IP Forwarding.

    With BungeeCord #711 and higher, IP forwarding must be manually enabled on both the proxy and Spigot to ensure that your users IP address shows the true value and that your spigot servers get online-mode UUIDs.
    Without enabling IP forwarding, the proxy IP will be displayed for all players, possibly causing problems when it comes to IP bans and the UUIDs of your players will be in offline mode which will result in issues when a player changes his name.

    Please follow the below steps to ensure that your server identifies players by the correct IP addresses and UUIDs.

    1. Ensure that you are using the versions that are equal to or greater than the ones that are displayed in prerequisites above.
    2. In the spigot.yml found within your Spigot server's root directorties, ensure that you have set bungeecord to true.
    3. In the BungeeCord config.yml file, ensure that ip_forward: is set to true
    4. Restart the Spigot servers and BungeeCord proxy to ensure that IP forwarding is enabled.
    5. Connect to the spigot server and it should take you to your bungeecord address.
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