Settings guide

Aug 9, 2015
Settings guide
  • This page describes the settings in the config section of the config.yml file.

    • pingDelay: the delay in milliseconds between two pings of a server (BTS pings server in order to get data such as the playercount, maxplayers ... etc)
    • signUpdatesPerTick: the number of signs that should be updated each tick (20 ticks in one second). Note that a sign whatever this value is set to, a same sign won't be updated more than two times per second in order to avoid scrolling going too fast as well as optimizing perfomance.
    • loadServersUsingBungeeAddon: If this setting is set to true, BTS will try to load the servers informations (name and IP) from BungeeCord configuration. In order to use this, you need to have the bungee addon installed (link in the home page of the documentation).
    • debugMode: Enable or disable debug mode.
    Signs specific settings :
    NB: All those settings are configurable for each sign : add one of these settings to the properties section of a sign to override it for this sign. For example if I'd like to override the scrollingSign setting for one sign here is how I'll do it :
        tag: survivalSign
        type: simple
          destination: survival
          scrollingSign: true # No matter what the default setting is, the scrolling will now always be enabled for this sign

    • scrollingSign: enable/disable the scrolling of the lines on a sign (which occurs if line length is greater than 16)
    • showPlayersGUIonLeftClick: enable/disable the GraphicalUserInterface that appears when you right-click on a sign whose destination server is not empty. Here is a screenshot of the GUI :
    • offlineMotds: A list of motds. Any server with the same motd as one of this list, will be considered as offline and all the consequences that go with it (for example: the offlinelayout will be triggered, the filler sign will skip it...)
    • blockByState: when blockByState is enabled, sign which are attached to a block will change this block according the destination server's state : you can define two type of blocks : one when the destination server is online and one when it's online. See the sample below for more info

        enabled: true # enable or disable this feature
       online: '95:5' # when the destination server is online, the block holding the sign will become a green glass
       offline: '95:14' # when the destination server is offline, the block holding the sign will become a red glass

    • settingsFromMotd: list of settings (block and layout) of a sign according to the motd of the target server.
      Here is an example below of a setting being triggered when the motd of the target server is either "viponly" or "almostfull".

        layout: vipOnlyLayout
        block: '35:14'
        - "viponly"
        - "almostfull"
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