Nov 5, 2015
  • BungeeUtilisals

    How to install?
    * Download BungeeUtilisals and BungeeYAML
    * Upload BungeeUtilisals and BungeeYAML in your Plugins Folder
    * Remove the Alert, Find, Server and Glist Module from your Modules Folder!
    (cmd_alert, cmd_find, cmd_server and cmd_list)
    * Remove those modules from the modules.yml file.
    * Restart your BungeeCord Server
    * Edit the Config
    * Restart again or use /butilisals reload


    butilisals.admin => For /butilisals
    => For /butilisals reload
    => And for /butilisals lock
    butilisals.alert => For /alert
    butilisals.find => For /find
    butilisals.glist => For /glist
    butilisals.server => For /server
    butilisals.talkinlock => Ability to talk in ChatLock
    butilisals.caps.bypass => Ability to bypass Caps Limit
    butilisals.antiad.bypass => Ability to bypass AntiAD
    butilisals.vote => For /vote
    butilisals.rules => For /rules

    Please note:

    - That this is a BungeeCord plugin. You need to add the permissions in your BungeeCord config. Not in a Bukkit/Spigot Permissions System.
    - That everything will work in your whole network. You can't disable it in a specific server.
    - I will always try to add your feature requests. It is possible that I can't do it or that I don't have enough time.
    - That you don't have to say that the plugin doesn't work if you uploaded it in Bukkit.
    - That the plugin will not work without BungeeYAML. This can be downloaded Here or Here.
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