CC - Sound Setup

Mar 12, 2016
CC - Sound Setup
  • Sounds can be used in any .crate file as well as the CrateConfig.YML file.

    To set up a sound, there are 3 portions:
    SOUND - This is the actually name of the sound, the list can be found here.
    VOLUME - How loud the sound will be to the player which is, by default, 5.
    PITCH - The pitch of the volume which is also, by default, 5.

    Any sound in any config is formatted:
    Code (Text):

    An example of this would be:

    Code (Text):

    FALL_BIG, 5, 5
    This would play the sound when the player hits the ground from a high point. It sounds sort of like a 'tick' so that's why I used it.
    It would be the "5" volume which is just about average.
    It also has a pitch of 5 which means it's not to high pitch and fast but it's also not a really deep, low sound.

    Good luck!
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