CloudSystem CodeSnipped | Sign Blocks

Aug 18, 2016
CloudSystem CodeSnipped | Sign Blocks
  • Create Blocks behind your Signs depending on the status!


    Here is a code example how to set a block behind the sign to change the optical appearance. You just need to run it on the Enable part of your Plugin, and here you go :D

    Code (Text):


            CloudSystemAPI.getSignAPI().setDefaultSignBlock((byte) 8);
            CloudSystemAPI.getSignAPI().addSignBlock("ONLINE", (byte) 5);
            CloudSystemAPI.getSignAPI().addSignBlock("FULL", (byte) 4);
            CloudSystemAPI.getSignAPI().addSignBlock("INGAME", (byte) 14);
            CloudSystemAPI.getSignAPI().addSignBlock("OFFLINE", (byte) 15);
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