- Spigot Design SUGGESTION

Jul 16, 2017 - Spigot Design SUGGESTION

    This Java 8 Standalone Software was designed to make it possible for Server Administrators to manage a large amount of Servers easily. This can be useful to create a network out of many different types of servers.

    • Fully configurable server signs
    • Webinterface for easy controllability
    • User system to give more people control
    • Permission system to manage who can do what in your cloudsystem webinterfaceTemplate system and temporary servers (griefing protection)
    • Multiple root server support to split up your performance
    • NEW Webinterface in the form of a program


    • Proofen fast support!
    • Quallified supporters with background knowledge
    • Own ticket system [CLICK HERE]
    • Support reacts on bugs and they are fixed fast
    • Dicord community conservations to get a quick solution
    Es sind noch keine Tutorials für das hochgeladen worden!


    If you want to spend me a coffe, thank me for my work
    or maybe just announce yourself, you can dontate to me
    Thanks to my rencent donators:
    • byMopo [20 EUR]
      • Join my server "" - Nice Minigames!​
    • Jolo0002 [15 EUR]
      • Great CloudSystem! I thank you alot.​
    • livecrafterTV [9 EUR]
      • Das Server Team sucht stets Developer/Builder/Supporter.
        Bewirbt euch per PN.​

      • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
      • You will not receive any refunds.
      • Disrespecting Terms or Copyrights in any way will cause an complaint.
      • Do not use the rating section for contacting me, bug reports, or feature requests!
      • We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, with or without warning, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of these terms.
    Other screenshots can be found here
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