CMI alias management

Nov 15, 2021
CMI alias management
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    By default only small amount of commands have alias enabled so you could use shortened commands. So by default majority of commands will require full command usage like /cmi heal Zrips To enable short command you have 2 options: to enable it in alias.yml or to create your own.

    Enabling throw alias.yml: Go to alias.yml file and look up for any alias you would want as short command. In example if you want /heal command then simply go to appropriate section and set
    Code (Text):
      /heal: true
    Creating custom alias: You can create any alias you want throw ingame command /cmi aliaseditor which by itself has 2 options how you can create new alias:
    1. Use generic one liner: /cmi aliaseditor new heal-cmi heal $1- which will create command as /heal
    2. Click on + sign in chat window and enter heal into chat window, press enter, then again press on + sign, then enter cmi heal $1- and press enter again. You are done, now you have /heal enabled and working. You can add more than one command which will be performed in a row and which supports special CMI command format, we call specialized commands which wiki can be found HERE and which is extremely powerful

    Extra variables in alias command like $1 will mean that first variable will be taken and replaced in this alias. In example /cmi aliaseditor new heal-cmi heal $1 and while performing /heal Zrips first variable, in this case Zrips will be replaced in original command and end command will look like /cmi heal Zrips
    This allows for variables to be replaced in ordering, in example /cmi aliaseditor new tps-cmi tp $2 $1 and performing /tps Zrips Zhax will result in command like /cmi tp Zhax Zrips
    In case you need to add all variables after certain point, use format as $1- in example /cmi aliaseditor new ms-cmi msg $1 $2- and performing command like /ms Zrips Hello World! will result into /cmi msg Zrips Hello World!

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