CMI BossBar usage

Aug 5, 2018
CMI BossBar usage
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    CMI provides option to show for one or all online players boss bar message with custom fill up, colors and so on.
    Command can be sent to particular player by defining his name or to all players by using all as name
    Usage and variable examples:
    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you!
    cmi bossbarmsg all &2Hey you!
    Which will show bossbar message to Zrips with message "Hey you" and will disappear after 3 seconds

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -t:5
    Shows bossbar message to Zrips with message "Hey you" and will disappear after 5 seconds

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -c:red
    Shows red (default green) bossbar message to Zrips with message "Hey you"

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -s:1
    Set bossbar style. Possible ones: 1, 6, 10, 12, 20. Which will split bar into particular amount of sections. So by using 1 you will get solid bar and by using 20 you will get bar spllited into 20 parts.

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -n:bossBarName
    Defines bossbar name, it can be anything you want and will be used to identify same boss bar and update with new information if needed. So by running cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -n:myBar and then rerunning cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Whats up? -n:myBar same boss bar will get updated with new text without creating completely new one. If name is not provided then each time command is performed, new bossbar will get created.

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -p:100/23
    Will define bossbar progression and by this example boss bar will be filled up to 23%. Some PlaceHolderAPI variable can be used, like -p:%server_max_players%/%server_online%
    Automatic progression change can be set by using something like
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -p:+1
    which will mean that progression will be advanced by additional percentage point. If inital value is not set, then it will start from 0. In case
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -p:-1
    is used, then bossbar value will start from 100 and will be decreased.
    In case of automatic progression results in 0 or 100 percents (depends from progression type) then boosbar will disappear after preset timer with -t. This can be utilized for any type of counter.

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -cmd:"msg [playerName] hey;;cmi heal [playerName]"
    Defines commands which will be performed when automatic progression reaches 0 or 100. Couple commands can be set by separating with ;; and its accepting specialized command formats. More info about them HERE Player will require to have cmi.command.bossbarmsg.admin permission node to be able to include commands.

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips &2Hey you! -a:20
    Sets automatic bossbar update interval. Can be used to automatically update bossbar with new information every x ticks. Keep in mind that 20 ticks is 1 second.

    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg Zrips -cancel:testbar
    All variables are option except text it self. Any variable combinations can be used to achieve best desired results.
    Code (Text):
    cmi bossbarmsg all -a:1 Healing incomming in [autoTimeLeft]! -t:2 -p:1 -cmd:"msg [playerName] &2Some dude healed you!;;cmi heal [playerName] -s" -n:test -c:red
    which will result in automatic bossbar message counting up every tick (20 times per second) from 0 to 100 by adding 1 with title Healing incomming in 5sec! (time counter will self update) and after its reaches 100 all online players will get message Some dude healed you! and will be healed. Boss bar will disappear after 2 seconds.
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